Do you know of the centrifugal pump cavitation phenomenon and the installation height?

by:J&T     2020-06-20
Get out the water centrifugal pump was due to the effect of centrifugal force. before work, pump body and feed line must be tank filled with water to form a vacuum, when the fast rotating impeller blade prompted water rapidly spinning, spinning in the water under the action of centrifugal force, fly away from the impeller and pump in the water, after being thrown at the center of the impeller part form the vacuum area. Water water at atmospheric pressure ( Or water pressure) Through the pipe under the action of pressure to the feed water pipe. So circulates, can achieve continuous pumping. Centrifugal pump to ban idling, must to start the pump shell full of water, can start, otherwise will be unable to complete suction pump body fluid, causing hot pump body, vibration, no water, produce & other; Idle & throughout; Damages to the pumps ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Air bound & throughout; ) Caused the accident. One, the centrifugal pump cavitation phenomenon of centrifugal pump cavitation phenomenon refers to the liquid to be delivered due to temperature in conveying saturated vapor pressure is equal to or lower than the entrance to pump ( Actual for blade) at the entrance of And partial vaporization pressure, cause the pump noise and vibration, serious when, the efficiency of the pump flow rate and pressure head and significant decline, obviously, the cavitation phenomenon is centrifugal pump normal operation is not allowed to happen. Avoid cavitation phenomenon is the key to the installation height of the pump to correctly, especially when conveying high temperature easy volatile liquid, more attention should be paid to. Hs1 value substitution type installation height of Hg = Hs1 - Hf0 - 1 = 0. 78 - 1. 5 = - 0. 72 MHG negative, said pump should be installed in the pool below the liquid surface, at least lower than the level 0. 72m。 Second, the centrifugal pump installation height of Hg allow the vacuum suction height Hs refers to the entrance to pump pressure p1 can be allowed to achieve bigger vacuum degree, while the actual allow the vacuum suction height Hs value is not calculated according to the type, but by the water pump manufacturer's experimental determination of the value of the this value attached to the pump samples for the user to check. Is that should be paid attention to a pump for Hs value is given in the sample with water as the working medium, the operating conditions of 20 ℃ and pressure of 1. 013× 105 pa value, when operating conditions and working medium is not at the same time, the need for conversion. ( 1) Conveying water, but the operating conditions and different experiment conditions, can be in accordance with the type conversion Hs1 = Hs + ( Ha- 10. 33) - - - - - - ( Hυ - - - - - - 0. 24) ( 2) Transport other liquid as liquid and villain conditions are to be delivered with the experimental conditions are not at the same time, require two step conversion: the first step in accordance with the type of pump samples detected Hs1; The second step according to the type Hs1 conversion into H’ S NPSH & Delta; H for oil pump, calculate the installation height in the NPSH & Delta; H to calculate to NPSH & Delta; H by the oil pump samples collect, its value is also with 20 ℃ water determination. If transport other liquids, also need to correction, detailed survey about books. From a security point of view, the actual pump installation height should be less than calculated value. Again, when the calculation of Hg is negative, pump suction position should be under the holding tank liquid level.
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