Do you know about shielding pump, the danger of break?

by:J&T     2020-06-23
Shielding pump belongs to a kind of special form of centrifugal water pump, mainly composed of water pump body, impeller, stator, rotor, front and rear guide bearing, shaft sleeve, and drive plate. Motor and pump into an organic whole, stator and rotor surface coating with non-magnetic thin-wall materials respectively, and the separated process medium, the rotor is supported by front and rear guide bearing, immersed in the transmission medium. The rotor shaft end is equipped with the impeller, form without shaft seal structure, in order to achieve the purpose of conveying without leakage. Shielding pump is a kind of no seal pump, the pump and drive motor were sealed by pumping in a medium full of pressure container, the pressure vessel is only static seal, and is provided by a group of wires to a rotating magnetic field and drive the rotor. This structure is cancelled traditional of rotation of the centrifugal pump has a sealing device, it can be completely without leakage. Shielding pump ties the pump and motor, the rotor of the motor and pump impeller fixed on the same shaft, using block set to separate the motor rotor and stator, the rotor has been run by the transmission medium, the power passed to the rotor stator magnetic field. 1, the material must have the fire and explosion condition ( 1) Explosion condition of matter: combustible material ( Combustible gas, steam and dust) With the air, Or oxygen) Must be evenly mixed within the certain concentration range, the formation of premixed gas, meet the fire explosion, this concentration range known as the explosion limit. The concentration of the combustible mixture exploded only within the explosion limit, below the explosion limit explosions or fire; On the above explosion limit will not explode, but it can catch fire. ( 2) Refers to the fire in time or space burning out of control. And combustion is refers to the interaction between the fuel and oxidizer and exothermic reaction, often associated with flames and glowing and ( Or) Smoke phenomenon. Material must meet combustion, sufficient conditions for the necessary material to burn. Necessary conditions: at the same time have the fuel and oxidizer and fire; The sufficient condition of combustion: a certain fuel concentration; Certain oxygen content: certain ignition energy; By inhibition of chain reaction. 2, methanol is a kind of high volatility, colorless, flammable, poisonous organic compound, the molecular weight of 32. 04, the boiling point of 64. 7℃。 Methanol flammable, the steam can form explosive mixtures with air. Encounter caused an explosion of the burning flame, high heat. React with oxidant contact or cause combustion. 3, in considering the shielding pump system equipment in good condition, other than those without leakage, system replacement qualified prior to commencement, shielding pump outside under the premise of not to suffer the serious destruction, due to internal system lack of oxidizer ( Air or oxygen) And don't meet the necessary and sufficient condition of gas; And the whole system equipment without leakage, environment around the lack of fuel, also do not meet the necessary and sufficient conditions of gas. So transport shielding pumps, inflammable and explosive materials in the process of production, due to the upstream of the valve fault, the entry without material ( Cutting) Will not lead to fire explosion. Precautions: although shielding pump belongs to no leakage of pump, used in conveying inflammable and explosive, toxic media, but if the safety precautions are implemented in place, shielding pump failure is not found in time, lead to the failure to expand, will cause the medium leakage, fire explosion accident. So we should do the following a safe and preventive measures. For shielding water pump for the transmission of inflammable and explosive media critical key equipment such as strengthen the monitoring, according to the design specification to increase security alarm or interlock. b。 Normal maintenance and overhaul of equipment. c。 Device before start working, in strict accordance with the construction scheme, the transmission system of flammable and explosive medium for qualified replacement. d。 Check the equipment and facilities are in good condition of the whole system, no leakage; Strengthen the equipment inspection, equipment failure in time.
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