Diving sewage pump how to install, should pay attention to what?

by:J&T     2020-06-25
Diving sewage pump submersible sewage pump for short, is also called the submersible pump, is on the basis of the submersible pump channel USES the anti-clogging design, used in middle tier 1 improvement, promotion and return sludge, etc. Mainly used in municipal engineering, building construction, industrial sewage and wastewater treatment situation, long fiber and row send containing solids sewage, waste water and rainwater, etc. Diving sewage pump is mainly used in municipal engineering, building construction, industrial sewage and wastewater treatment situation, long fiber and row send containing solids sewage, waste water and rainwater, etc. Diving sewage pump common plastic shell, shell and cast iron in farmland irrigation, the production is very common that installation is relatively simple, then in the installation should pay attention to what? A in selection, installation conditions confirmed, submersible sewage pump manufacturer can provide the installation conditions, designers need to be able to read the dimensions and symbolic meaning. Taking a sample installation conditions of submersible sewage pump manufacturer for example is as follows: 1, low level running more than 11 kw power pump device can choose motor cooling system for cooling pump, if you don't choose the cooling system, is the direct cooling by pumping medium motors. Two kinds of different cooling methods corresponding to the low level is different, the need of the cooling liquid level directly above way with cooling system. The manufacturer to provide the installation conditions of figure, with solid triangle & other; ▼” And the hollow triangle & other; ▽” To distinguish between, among them & other; ▼” Means with the cooling system, & other; ▽” Said without cooling system. In case the installation condition of diagram above, with cooling system, the effective coupling device at the bottom of the lowest level distance is 570 mm, with no cooling system, the distance is 785 mm. That is cooling system effective when liquid level can be low out of the 215 mm. 2 hole, plane and positioning submersible pump coupling installation, opening should be considered in the plane of the submersible pump installation size. Case to view A said the size of the pump installation hole size, 1000 & times; 700mm。 When to locate, install guide rod pool is the baseline. This is because the submersible sewage pump in place is on guide rod connected to the coupling device, the position of the guide bar by the pool. Coupler base fixing bolt, also need to pool as the baseline. Pool according to the above case, we should make sure the distance of 253 mm bolt hole position, again through the bolt hole spacing of 350 mm determines the location of the other two bolt holes. Reflected in the drawings of the size of the important is: the hole at the top of the plane position and size, and at the bottom of the position of pre-embedded anchoring bolts and specifications ( Generally with the reserved hole after pouring concrete design) 。 At the top of the guide bar fixed usually adopt the way of expansion bolt. 3, the commonly used two kinds of simple installation of submersible sewage water pump installation conditions, great coverage flow from below 10 m3 / h to thousands of m3 / h, is commonly used in water treatment engineering, especially in small and medium-sized projects of second lifting equipment, the installation of submersible sewage pumps common ways there are two main types: coupling installation and mobile. 1, the coupling installation is through the coupler to pumps and pipes, pump and the water pipe from convenient, through the lifting device for lifting when water water pump maintenance. Coupling installation is suitable for various specifications of the submersible sewage pump, submersible sewage pump is commonly used in installation, coupler by the supply of complete sets of equipment manufacturer. 2, mobile installation refers to the pump discharge pipe through the hose connection directly to the surface, by weight of submersible sewage pump in the bottom of the pool, or through the chain hanging in the lifting device. Mobile without coupler and bottom fixed installation, easy to move, even the pipeline maintenance lifting can be together. At the same time because of installation, hard to bear large torque, applies only to small submersible sewage pump. Three because of the submersible sewage pump, electrical protection measures for the diving operation, damage to the pump may appear slack, and so on and so forth, the need for prevention. With a submersible sewage pump factory as an example, the measures are: 7. Under 5 kw pump with motor winding overheating protection device and leak detector; 11 kw and above of pump with motor winding overheating protection device, float switch, leakage detector; 30 kw and above the pump on the motor end cover add water leakage detector, etc. The overheating protection device is placed in the motor stator winding, abnormal operating conditions, stable winding to overheating protection of the original value, through the electric tank overheating protection device to stop the motor. Leakage probe used for leakage detection, motor side after the water through the electrical control cabinet alarm and downtime. Float switch is used for detecting the side whether mechanical seal failure, whether the motor chamber, the water detected in water through the electrical control cabinet alarm and stop. In the electrical installation of submersible sewage water pump, need according to the requirements of the selection conditions and factory feedback electric for the design of electrical control cabinet, so as to achieve protection effect.
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