Direction control valve type and working principle is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-20
A, directional control valve hydraulic valve is used to control the flow of the oil in the hydraulic system of direction or regulating the flow and pressure. Direction control valve as a kind of hydraulic valve, the use of flow change controls the oil flow direction. Type 1, one-way direction control valve is only allowed in the direction of air flow along a direction control valves, such as one-way valve, shuttle valve, dual pressure valve, etc. Type 2, reversing the direction control valve is to be able to change the direction of air flow control valve, reversing valve for short. 3, according to the control method can also be divided into electromagnetic valve, mechanical valve, pneumatic valve, control valve. Type 2, one-way direction control valve check valve is a one-way air to flow in one direction only, and cannot reverse flow valve. Check valve and throttle valve combination, commonly used to control the speed of executive element. 1, composition: the valve body, valve core, spring, etc. 2, function: only allows flow in one direction flow, reverse is ended. 3, how it works: is the wizard, reverse globe. 4, application: are often installed in the pump exports, on the one hand, to prevent the impact the normal operation of the pump pressure, on the other hand to prevent the reverse the oil water pump does not work when the system by the pump back into the tank. Be used to separate oil to prevent the high and low voltage disturbance. Three, hydraulic controlled check valve hydraulic control one-way valve depend on control fluid pressure, can make the one-way valve reverse circulation. This kind of valve in hydraulic support coal mining machinery equipment occupies the important position. Hydraulic controlled check valve is different from the ordinary check valve is more than a control oil K, when control of oil did not turn on the pressure oil, hydraulic controlled check valve work like ordinary check valve, pressure oil from the oil inlet flow to the oil outlet only, can't reverse flow. When the control oil pressure control input, plunger piston under the action of pressure oil to the right, with open plunger valve, make the oil in and out of the mouth. If the oil outlet is greater than the oil inlet can make the oil flow. 1, composition: ordinary check valve + small piston in cylinder leakage and leakage. 2, how it works: a. No control oil, like the ordinary check valve. b。 Access control oil, can flow direction. 3, application: a, keep the pressure. B, the hydraulic cylinder & other Bearing & throughout; 。 C, hydraulic cylinder lock. D, large flow discharge of oil. E, filling valve. F, reversing valve. Four, reversing valve, reversing valve is to have two or more flow form and two or more oil control valve in the direction of the mouth. Its valve core hole inside the body is used as the relative motion, make the oil through or cut off and change the direction of flow. Is to realize the communication of the hydraulic oil flow, cut off and the reversing, and pressure unloading and sequential control valve. The classification of the reversing valve: 1, can be divided into the form of the structure, rotary valve, ball valve, valve type. 2, according to the valve body connected on the number of main lines can be divided into two-way, tee, four-way, etc. 3, according to the valve core in the working position of the body can be divided into two, three, four, etc. 4, according to the operating valve core movement way can be divided into manual, motor, electromagnetic actuator, hydraulic and electric hydraulic, etc.
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