Diaphragm pumps can't normal transport materials to do, a failure to how to solve?

by:J&T     2020-06-21
Diaphragm pump has pneumatic diaphragm pump and electric diaphragm pump, diaphragm pump form has a lot of, have mechanical diaphragm pump, metering diaphragm pumps, electromagnetic diaphragm pump, etc. , how to solve the diaphragm pump in use is in failure, diaphragm pump and a relatively common situation is pump can work, but no material type; Or though but material with low pressure, flow rate is small. Can't normal delivery material to do? This situation is caused by sealing is not good, can follow the steps below to check. 1, check the feed pipe connection pump feed pipe connection must be sealed and pump work to first check the condition of the inlet, feed pipe all the connections are sealed. 2, check the pilot valve, pilot valve of the pump installed at the side of the air inlet; Check pilot valve steps such as: first, open the pilot valve, with the circlip pliers remove the spring, the valve spool valve set down; Then, check the pilot valve plastic shell five holes is clogged, such as clear, let's welcome; Then, check every small hole on the valve sleeve is blocked, such as block, please clean up; Check valve core type O ring to see if there is any breakage, such as welcome change; In addition, check the thimbles are in good condition; The pilot valve and pump installed again, try pump. If the pump pressure and flow rate are back to normal, the end of maintenance and repair; Otherwise, you need to be further check valves. 3, check the air inlet joint on the intake of fast fast connector market due to the different brand quality is uneven, some poor quick connector on the surface of the female head spring easy to damage, decrease the volume of the pump work. Check the diaphragm pump inlet connector is used by this, so this kind of joint, joint can be remove the air supply is connected, open the inlet switch, faster connection of male and female head head of air output is the same. If the volume is consistent, shows that the quick connector is normal, if the volume is not the same, that female head may be damaged, must be replaced. 4, check the pneumatic seals the above step if also can't check out the cause of the problem of pump, please continue to check the pump under pneumatic seal, need to change: the damage of the above is for the common cause of diaphragm pump work to wait for a phenomenon of checks. Through the steps of check, basically can find diaphragm water pump work unable to reason. , of course, there are still some very common cause of work could lead to the diaphragm pump, such as high viscosity material, valve ball falling light weight can not be timely reset, then need to replace the heavy ball or stainless steel ball; In addition the diaphragm pressure plate loose may also result in diaphragm pump work. 5, check the ball valve open pump tee up and down, to check whether there is impurity sticking the ball seat, causes the ball valve can't seal. If there are any impurities, please clean up. In addition, please put the ball on the tee, observe whether there is a large gap between ball and seat, if you have that ball valve wear serious, unable to keep seal, causing fluid backflow, leads to weakness, diaphragm pump or pump can work has no liquid flow out. When ball valve must be replaced.
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