Dial indicator can you use one minute to the church?

by:J&T     2020-06-30
Dial indicator to measure only the relative values, can not measure the absolute value, mainly applied in the detection of shape and position error of workpiece, the installation position of parts can also be used for calibration and measurement of parts inside diameter, etc. , is a kind of high precision measuring tool. Down to introduce the use of the dial indicator and reading method. 1, the use of the dial indicator, measure A plane and vertical rod. B, the use of stents. C, head to gently contact measurement or gauge block. D, measuring cylindrical products, diameter of rod axis and products in the same direction. 2, the reading of the dial indicator with a measuring head and a measuring rod to parallel straight line scale disc, and sends the linear motion into rotary motion to the long needle, the needle will display the rod exercise on circular dial. A long needle turning equals 1 mm rod, long pointer can read to 0. 01mm。 Revolution on the dial pointer to long needle of a cyclotron ( 1毫米) As a scale. A, dial indicator pointer with the amount of axial movement and change, thus determine the scale, just read pointer refers to the height of the right for measuring section case diagram, the first will probe terminal access to the next section, the pointer to the & other; 0' Location, and then transferred to the period of the probe, the scale indicated by the read pointer. B, a calibration is 0. 01 mm, if the long needle points to 10, the steps the elevation difference is 0. 1 amount of MMC, if 4 mm or 5 mm, long needles are constantly rotating, referred to in a short needle scale, then add long pointer refers to scale. 3, A lever of the dial indicator reading and use method, leverage dial indicator index value of 0. 01 mm, measuring range is not more than 1 mm, its dial is symmetric scale. B, surface measurement and measuring head, when using, must be in a horizontal state, under special circumstances, should also be under 258. C, before use, should check the spherical probe, if has been grinded flat spherical probe should not continue to use again. D, leverage dial indicator rod can work on sides upward. According to the requirements of measuring direction should carry the commutator 30 to desired position. E, carrying rod, can make the rod relative leverage a rotary Angle of dial indicator shell. According to the requirements of measurement should carrying rod, make the axis of the measuring rod and measured the size change direction vertical.
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