Detailed analysis of the chemical corrosion of magnetic pump structure and the matters needing attention

by:J&T     2020-06-22
Corrosion resistant parts structure analysis by pump, magnetic pump magnetic actuator, and motor of three parts, and magnetic actuator by external magnetic cylinder, magnetic cylinder inside and strengthen. 1, the internal and external rotor: internal and external rotor, together form the magnetic driving part of magnetic pump. 2, isolation sets: also known as the strengthening of sleeve is can completely realize completely without leakage magnetic water pump the only parts of a bit. Parts: 3, shell is composed of pump body, pump cover, impeller hydraulic pump body API685 standard forms, are the main manifestations of magnetic pump hydraulic performance parts, its function is to force the liquid, which transmits the mechanical energy is converted into liquid energy. Part 4, connection: the connection frame, bearing parts, such as static fittings connection support role. Sliding bearing, shaft sleeve and thrust plate: it's a support and positioning parts of pump rotor system parts. 5, rotor parts: divided into the pump shaft is installed on the rotation of the parts and the drive shaft is installed on the rotation of the parts. Bearing within the impeller and the pump shaft is rotor and torque is one of the important parts. 6, transmission parts: corrosion resistant long stent type magnetic pump and prime mover connected by diaphragm type lengthened coupling parts, maintenance and repair, just put the coupling between diaphragm, can be achieved for the maintenance of magnetic pump. The magnetic coupling of magnetic pump and pump body is an organic whole, so the structure is compact, convenient maintenance, safe and energy-saving. The magnetic coupling of the pump of the drive motor can have the effect of overload protection. Due to the water pump shaft contact with the media, so the material requirement is corrosion resistance, high machining accuracy, high strength or through heat treatment method to increase the strength of the material. The structure of the magnetic pump are similar. The commonly used have ALNICO, ferrite and dilute drill SMCO5 (permanent magnetic material on the unlined upper garment 1:5) SM ( 有限公司、铜、铁、锆 7. 4 ( Hereinafter referred to as ') ND - FE - B, etc. Of rare earth permanent magnet material selection priority, strong ndfeb ND - FE - B, the magnetic energy product up to 28 x104t & middot; A/M above, intrinsic coercive force of more than 1120 ka/M, popularity. But its working temperature should not exceed 120 ℃ high temperature conditions can choose unlined upper garment to drill the permanent magnetic material, SM ( 有限公司、铜、铁、锆 7. 4 magnetic energy product of about 192 x103t & middot; A/M, its working temperature can be as high as 300 ℃. By the impeller pump shaft is installed on the rotation of the parts, bearings, thrust ring parts, magnetic rotor and pump shaft itself such as composition and rotor parts in contact with the medium. The drive shaft is installed on the rotation of the parts by external magnetic rotor parts, rolling bearing, the drive shaft collar and drive the rotor part of the axis of itself is exposed to air. Note: the use of magnetic pump 1, after the installation, turn the coupling with the hand to check for the scratches. To prevent debris into one pump, pump inlet filter, filter area is greater than the line 3 a 4 times of cross-sectional area. 2, high lift pump should install the check valve in the outlet pipe on the road, in case of sudden stop water hammer damage. 3, open pump application: it is forbidden to idle running. Open the inlet valve, before driving to fill must be conveying liquid water pump; Close the outlet valve; Inching electric lift machine, check the pump steering is correct; starts, the outlet valve should slowly open and stay after to normal operation of the pump, the outlet valve will be dispatched to the required opening again. Test run 5 ~ 10 min, without exception, can be put into operation. Parking programs: close the outlet valve, Cut off the power supply; Imported closed, stop for a long time need not when, cleaning pump flow and cut off power supply.
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