Desulphurization pump impeller and the sealing knowledge is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-19
Desulphurization pump, also known as corrosion resistant chemical pumps, desulphurization pumps generally divided into corrosion resistant mortar pump, corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic desulphurization pump, corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic magnetic desulphurization pump, stainless steel desulphurization pump. Desulphurization pump by the pump casing, impeller, seal, support, motor, shaft parts, such as some desulphurization pump manufacturers use material is not standard, how shall we solve the components caused by corrosion, sealing for how much do you know about the importance of desulphurization pump? A, desulphurization pump impeller corrosion reason and repair method: desulfurization pumps are often used in corrosive environment, transport and corrosive substances, is an important part of desulfurization pump impeller, desulphurization pump impeller special repair ceramic coating is a kind of composite modified material, through a series of chemical reaction, make its can be formed under a certain temperature high strength and hardness. Impeller repair is the best material and technology, construction is convenient, simple maintenance, use very extensive. Impeller repair can reduce the cost of replacement, prolong service life. And repair good when used in desulfurization pump impeller can still play an important role, will not affect the use of the desulphurization pump. Anhui gold production of corrosion resistant desulphurization pump can be based on user needs, suitable for any strong corrosive liquid such as concentration of acid alkali, basic won't appear flow components are corrosion situation, corrosion repair impeller looks be like simple, but the user is not designed for repair of equipment that is difficult, so the choice of desulphurization pump at the same time, choose the professional and reliable desulphurization pump manufacturers is vital. Second, the importance of desulphurization pump seal desulphurization pump seal is very important, once the seal failure, leakage will directly cause the environmental pollution or accidents. Desulphurization pump mechanical seal ring and static ring along the axial by spring close contact, to seal, mechanical seal is reliable, no leakage, but when installation should pay attention to protect the friction surface, to avoid wear and tear, sealed mainly applicable to transport inflammable and explosive, high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosive liquid, to make up for the lack of packing seal. Impeller seal is by acting on reverse impeller centrifugal force, to prevent liquid escape, impeller shaft seal does not need to seal water instead of diluted slurry. If size is not allowed to dilute, can consider to seal. Generally three kinds of sealing desulphurization water pump sealing: packing seal, mechanical seal, impeller seal. The organs of the desulphurization pump packing seal. A good contact with packing and shaft, to prevent medium, so as to achieve the purpose of sealing. This seal form during transport corrosive substances may cause corrosion to packing, so this way of sealing of faults is not poisonous, corrosive liquid.
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