Desulphurization pump, how to choose the check valve which parameters need to pay attention to?

by:J&T     2020-06-19
Desulfurization pumps is now commonly used in the chemical industry, power plant desulfurization, brickyard desulfurization and chemical desulfurization, etc. , desulphurization pump must have anticorrosive performance, typically do not have the function of absorption, desulphurization water pump belongs to a kind of centrifugal pump, the centrifugal water pump in installation, usually valves, for check valve installation and selection of parameters which need to pay attention to? Check valve is generally installed in the discharge pipeline of pumping system, in order to ensure the pump medium will not return. There are so many check valve on the market, find a suitable for your use of the check valve is a challenge. 1, the use of the valve? Valve use intention and environment is crucial, so as to choose the correct valve for your detailed using. In piping system installation fault check is very common, generally according to the pipe size to choose the check valve. 2, the inlet pressure is how many? Understand the inlet pressure will help determine what type of you need check valve. You need a & other; Spherical & throughout; Check valve? You need to request a & other; Swing & throughout; The check valve? Or you need an anechoic type check valve? Or flange check valves or pick up the check valve to the clamp? Determine what kind of check valve you need depends on the orientation of the check valve in the pump system. 3, how much is the flow? Is important to know the flow, in gallons per minute ( 流量) Gallons per hour ( 加仑小时) For the unit, if you are using above 8 feet per second flow process flow through the valve, there will be a higher wear rate. When the flow rate is higher than 8 feet per second, whether the rubber valve or valve, metal wear will lead to performance degradation. The faster the flow rate, the more wear and tear on the check valve, will lead to shorten the life. Understand the traffic can help you choose for your specific requirements of check valve. 4, the valve is installed in a medium? If the valve is installed in the submerged in the medium state, which means that there is always a back pressure valve. In this case, you need to choose one for the submerged condition and the correct material made of check valve, as the wrong errors in the check valve in the pipeline system is more common. If you check frequently appear problem, is likely to be selected properly. Before buying the check valve, please send your detailed condition and demand salesman told a German valve, can choose the more suitable valve! Should by submerged condition of constant back pressure. 5, what is the back pressure? Back pressure is the pressure difference between inlet and outlet pressure. A valve installed in the fluid discharged into the end of the small diameter pipe. When at the top of the water flow rate rises, the water will have many tall? When the water rose to the valve, back pressure. According to your detailed use, therefore, you should know how the back pressure of the check valve need to accept.
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