Depth profiling roots vacuum pump -

by:J&T     2020-06-05

a, the structure of the roots vacuum pump

the overall structure of the pump is determined by the roots vacuum pump to the layout of the pump body. At present, the overall structure of the roots vacuum water pump at home and abroad to roughly three types. Vertical structure of the inlet and outlet horizontal layout, easy assembly and connection pipe. However, this kind of pump high center of gravity, high-speed stability, so this kind of pump is mainly used for small pump. Above the entrance to the horizontal pump, exports in the below. Sometimes, vacuum system to facilitate pipeline installation and connection, vent can from the horizontal connections, the air intake and exhaust direction perpendicular to each other. At this point, the vent can be opened from the left or the right direction, and in addition to one end of the exhaust pipe, another end is blocked or connected to the bypass valve. When the pump low center of gravity, high-speed stability is good. In general, large and medium-sized pump all adopt the structure. Two pump rotor axis is perpendicular to the horizontal installation. The structure of the assembly clearance is easy to control, the rotor assembly is convenient, pump cover an area of an area small. However, pump high center of gravity, gear, dismantling inconvenient, lubrication mechanism is relatively complex. Only found in the foreign products.

2, roots vacuum pump transport

roots vacuum pump rotor ii realize relatively synchronous running through a pair of high precision gear. The drive shaft through the shaft coupling and motor connection. Basically has the following two types of transmission structure arrangement:

a motor and gear is located in the same side of the rotor, driven by the end of the motor rotor gear drive directly, so the driver rotor shaft torsional deformation is small, the gaps between the rotor will not change because of the drive shaft torsional deformation is bigger, so the gap between the rotor is uniform at runtime.

is the chief drawback of this drive way: a. Three shaft bearings, increased the difficulty of processing and assembling of the pump, removal and adjustment of the gear is not convenient; b。 The center of gravity of the overall structure is not symmetrical, pump to motor and gear box.

second, motor and transmission device installed on both sides of the rotor, respectively. This form makes the overall structure of the pump is symmetrical, but the drive shaft have larger torsional deformation. In order to ensure uniform rotor clearance at runtime, shaft should have enough stiffness, shaft and rotor connection should be tightened, The rotor and shaft welding or casting into a structure) 。 This structure is very easy to tear open outfit so widely used.

3, roots vacuum pump features

start fast, low consumption, low running cost of protection, pumping speed, high efficiency and the pumping gas contains a large amount of water vapor and dust is not sensitive, 100 - 1 Pa pressure within the scope of the large pumping speed, quickly eliminate the sudden release of gases.

this pressure level between the scattered oil seal type vacuum water pump and pump is good. Therefore, usually in scattered between pump and oil seal type vacuum pump series, in order to improve the pumping capacity of the pressure gauge on both ends. At this time it is also known as mechanical booster pump.

in a wide range of pressure inside the larger pumping speed. Using precision helical gears rotate and shaft coupling, ensure the smooth running of the pump and the accuracy of the power transfer to running noise is extremely low.

rotor with good geometrical symmetry, so it's little vibration, run the turbulence. Due to the strict control of the rotor and clearance between rotor and the pump body, pump cavity there is no friction between the moving parts, so as to achieve a higher speed. Do not need sealing and lubrication oil pump room, this will increase the oil for the purification of the vacuum system of steam. room without shrinkage valve or exhaust valve. Simple and compact structure, is not sensitive to pumping gas of the dust and water vapor.

4, roots vacuum pump applications

roots vacuum pump in petroleum, chemical, plastics, pesticides, steam turbine rotor dynamic balancing, aerospace space simulation, equipment has been tested for a long time, so should be promoted and applied in China. At the same time, the roots vacuum pump is widely used in the vacuum metallurgical smelting, degassing and rolling, as well as food and pharmaceutical industry, vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration and vacuum drying. Vacuum pump accessories is vacuum water pump silencer for vacuum pump noise control. The appearance of the rotor is a complex surface of cylinder, it is difficult to machining and comments. In recent years, the roots pump at home and abroad is developing rapidly. It is widely used in metallurgical, petrochemical, electrical and electronics industry.

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