Demagnetization magnetic pump affected traffic head, what are the solutions?

by:J&T     2020-06-25
Magnetic pump is enclosed form of static seal, no leakage, very suitable for transmission of strongly corrosive, high hazard of the liquid, magnetic pump run time of process, operation is required. Demagnetization magnetic water pump is very troublesome, magnetic pump is prohibited to transport the liquid containing grain, in conveying the concentration is high and medium caused demagnetization is thicker, or other factors directly affect the flow, lift, the parameters such as magnetic pump demagnetization what reason? Impact on the production of what? A, in addition to its magnetic pump design flaws, and dielectric properties. 1, the transmission medium ( Pure benzene) Volatile, temperature to boil. And isolation set inside the inner magnetic rotor and isolation sets in operation will produce heat, ( Within the magnetic rotor and isolation sets of ring gap between regions due to high heat generated by the eddy current) This will make the working temperature. Lubrication cooling due to design flaws magnetic pump itself is not good, if the temperature of the medium into the pump is higher than the inlet pressure of the evaporation temperature, medium causes vaporization, form bubbles, the conveying easily vaporized liquid magnetic pump can produce very big security hidden danger. 2, medium a low static pressure can lead to vaporization temperature is lower and the serious cavitation make medium flow, dry friction cause burning holding shaft bearings. The pump impeller at the operating pressure is different, the effect of magnetic pump due to centrifugal force to minimum the pressure at the entrance, but when below the working status of saturated steam pressure medium can produce cavitation. When the beginning of pump cavitation occurs, cavitation area is lesser, had no significant effect on the normal work of the pump, the pump performance curve is no obvious reflection. But when cavitation development to a certain extent, the production of large Numbers of bubble, plug flow, ruined the liquid in the pump flow continuity of dry friction pump take time to stop and causing, due to the failure of cooling eddy current loss of sleeve of fever, will lead to a dramatic increase in the temperature of medium temperature and the inner magnetic rotor. Two, is introduced to take corresponding measures to prevent, how to improve the self lubricating cooling conditions, the magnetic pump to prevent friction pair liquid film not vaporize cause dry friction is the key to solve the inner magnetic rotor demagnetization magnetic pump. At the same time considering the conveying medium are volatile, the nature of the vaporization, can according to the principle of conservation of energy, by reducing the speed of the medium can, can improve the static pressure to increase evaporation temperature of the medium, so that we can for medium temperature and evaporation to prevent them. According to the above ideas, the magnetic force pump shaft and impeller modification scheme, at the same time, will is expected to be able to thoroughly solve the problems of the inner magnetic rotor demagnetization magnetic pump. Specific reform measures as follows: 1, install the magnetic pump protection system, when the magnetic actuator driven parts under the condition of overload operation or the inner magnetic rotor for holding shaft gets stuck, magnetic transmission device of the main pump, the slave unit will automatically slippage protection machine. To make a pair of sliding bearing 2, installation of spiral groove ( Washing and lubrication shaft, spiral flute to help medium spiral flute of spin to pay special attention) Spin to match, make a cooling medium flow more smoothly, the heat generated by the outer magnetic rotor high-speed rotation induced eddy current can take in time, improve the sliding bearing and the water pump shaft and thrust ring cooling lubrication effect, make the friction pair between maintaining a layer of liquid membrane, liquid friction. 3, will be cut by the impeller. In guarantee to the impeller cutting efficiency is almost the same, on the one hand can, by reducing the speed of the liquid can improve the static pressure to increase the evaporation temperature of medium; On the other hand can also reduce the introduction of external energy, in order to avoid the medium temperature increasing and vaporization. But also to expand the operation scope of magnetic pump, reduces the process fluctuation on the influence of the pump. 4, will be by half a hollow shaft to the hollow magnetic pump and reflux hole drill hole and to increase the flow of a cooling and lubrication medium. Due to the magnetic pump sliding bearing lubrication cooling is based on the transmission medium, so operation, lubrication port must provide sufficient flow medium internal magnetic rotor and isolation sets of ring gap between regions and between sliding bearing and thrust plate, shaft friction pair lubrication for cooling. And manufacturers only between a pair of sliding bearing open a return by the middle parts of the pump shaft hole, and the reflux hole and shaft are not hole, this will lead to cooling and lubrication medium flow through the friction pair is not enough, the heat generated by the cannot take away in time, not to establish and maintain good state of liquid friction. Self lubricating cooling dry sliding bearing friction caused by the bad result in holding shaft, and outside magnetic rotor continues to rotate to generate heat. , magnetic rotor working under extreme temperature ( Ndfeb is 120 ℃) Reduced, the transmission capacity is reversible, and above the limit temperature is not reversible. The inner magnetic rotor after cooling, the loss of transmission capacity can no longer recover, the inner magnetic rotor gradually lose magnetism, eventually led to the inner magnetic rotor temperature demagnetization.
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