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Daily operation specification of Vertical multistage pump

Daily operation specification of Vertical multistage pump


Preparation before starting the vertical multistage pump

1. Remove debris around the pump and tighten the fastening screws of each part.

2. The disc pump has 5 to 6 laps, which should rotate flexibly, without noise.

3. Lubricating oil or grease, if the grease is qualified, the oil level should be between 1/2-3/4, and the grease should be added according to the regulations.

4. Check various instruments, check the working conditions of voltmeters and ammeters, and check the pressure gauges at the inlet and outlet of the pump.

5. Check the electrical equipment, the grounding protection should be intact, and the three-phase insurance should be intact.

6. Open the inlet and outlet valves of the pump to fill the pump with liquid. At the same time, open the vent valve of the filter tank before the pump to vent until the liquid is seen, then close the vent valve (or open the vent plug on the top of the pump to vent).

Vertical multistage pump start-up and operation inspection

1. Start the motor and confirm that the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with the specified direction.

2. Press the start button to decrease the current from the highest value. After the pump pressure rises and stabilize, slowly open the outlet valve.

3. Control the valve to adjust the pump flow and pump outlet pressure.

4. Carefully observe the changes in pump pressure and current to confirm that the motor is working normally.

5. Check whether the pump oil level is within the specified range.

Vertical multistage pump HOW to stop pump

1. Press the stop button to stop the pump.

2. Close the inlet and outlet valves of the pump.

3. If the pump is stopped for a long time, the residual liquid in the pump must be drained to avoid rusting or freezing the pump body.

4. If the motor or pump bearing smokes, stop the pump immediately

5. The pump should be stopped immediately if the current exceeds the rated value to avoid burning the motor.

6. If the unit experiences strong vibration or the pump responds abnormally, stop the pump immediately

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