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by:J&T     2020-05-01
Cz series standard pump is horizontal, single-stage, single-suction centrifugal pumps, its size and performance are in accordance with DIN 24256 / ISO 2858 standard. CZ series pump performance include IH series standard all pump performance, its efficiency and cavitation performance indicators are more than the IH pump. CZ series of standards of transportation of the application of low temperature or high temperature liquid pump; Neutral liquids or corrosive liquid. Clean liquid or liquid containing solid particles. Especially suitable for: chemical and petrochemical industries; Oil refineries. Paper and pulp industry; The food industry. CZ stress on the characteristics of chemical pump shaft seal by the blade or the balancing hole on the impeller. Shaft seal can adopt soft packing seal (not only Cooling or cooling) , can also be used in a variety of single unbalanced mechanical seal structure. Ball bearings are durable, diameter of axle is rich, to ensure the smooth operation of the ball bearing. Part of the design for double screw pump body shell, to balance the radial force. Bearing frame, including shaft, impeller, fill the letters, etc. , the combination of components, the water pump body do not need to be removed from the pipe in the process of maintenance, If you use the extension of the coupling and motor won't have to remove) 。 Flange design, USES the PN 16, 25 (PN According to the different of the material) 。 Cz series standard water pump transmission medium various temperature and concentration of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphate inorganic acids and organic acids. Alkaline solution, such as sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate, under different temperature and concentration. All kinds of salt solution. All kinds of liquid petroleum products, organic compounds and other corrosion of raw material and production. At present, the company of corrosion resistant materials can meet the requirements of the medium. When ordering, please provide the details of the transport medium. A: horizontal stainless steel chemical pump features next article: fluorine plastic chemical water pump product overview
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