Corrosion resistant water ring vacuum pump of rolling bearing and coupling assembly -

by:J&T     2020-05-20

we also learned a lot about the corrosion resistant water ring vacuum pump. Small make up today we will introduce corrosion resistant water ring vacuum pump of the rolling bearing and coupling assembly. Interested partners will work together to understand it.

a, rolling bearing assembly method

corrosion of water ring vacuum pump assembly depends on the rolling bearing of rolling bearing and shaft neck or interference between bearing hole. When the remaining quantity is relatively small, pressure into the method for assembly. When large amounts of residual, hot pack can be used for assembly.

when using pressure into laws are assembled, tongbang and hammer can according to certain order symmetric knock over populated inner ring. In addition, made of soft metal sleeve can also use hammer to drive or use the press down.

when through hot assembly method of assembly, in the first place in the engine oil bearing heating. The oil temperature should be lower than 100 ℃. From the oil, should immediately set it on the journal. The advantage of hot charging is won't destroy the matching feature.

2. Coupling assembly

corrosion of water ring vacuum pump coupling is the driving shaft and driven shaft connected device. It is divided into the motor shaft coupling and coupling water pump. When installation, the two halves of the coupling must be concentric, between the two end must keep certain axial clearance, otherwise it will seriously affect the operation of the machine and service life. Therefore, the discovery of the coupling is an important part of the assembly work.

1。 Of the coupling requirements

the axis of the water pump shaft and motor shaft should be in a straight line. If there is a certain tilt ( The certain dislocation) , the machine will not be able to run smoothly, vibration and noise, result in bearing wear and affect the service life of the machine. Therefore, when installing coupling two and a half, there should be a misalignment.

as a result of the two and a half coupling cylindrical are equal in size, so you can check the misalignment condition by cylindrical. Check method is in two and a half coupling on the cylindrical placed a ruler, observe whether ruler and two coupling cylindrical fit closely. If a ruler firmly fixed on a shaft coupling, but with another coupling with clearance, the two coupling different heart, need to be adjusted. So, check up, down, left, right four position, until they are very tight, there is no gap. Dislocation of the coupling should not exceed 0. 05 mm

2. Coupling of axial clearance requirements

in order to avoid collision in the process of running two coupling, between the two coupling uniform axial clearance shall be maintained. Gap size can use a feeler gauge inspection, feeler gauge is commonly 4 to 6 mm.

however, has its own way, just like when we are learning their own learning methods, only in the correct assembly method corrosion resistant water ring vacuum pump assembly of the rolling bearing and coupling, and to use them better.

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