Corrosion resistant vacuum pump working principle and advantages of _

by:J&T     2020-05-20

a rotary vacuum pump volume gas pump, which include dry screw vacuum pump, water ring pump, reciprocating pump, rotary piston pumps, rotary vane pumps, roots pump and diffusion pump, etc. , have more pressure in a wide range of large pumping speed and other characteristics, widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronics, coating and other industries. In different environments using the vacuum pump will inevitably have a vacuum water pump corrosion problem, but how to solve the corrosion problem of vacuum pump is usually used in the polymer ceramic protect corrosion resistant polymer. Corrosion resistant vacuum pump, is all gas contact part, ptfe ( PTFE) Material, suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industrial technology of corrosive gases, such as filtering, vacuum distillation, rotary evaporation, the reduced pressure concentration, centrifugal concentration, using solid phase extraction. Let's share the anticorrosive vacuum pump.

how it works: when corrosion resistant pump impeller rotating adverse economic method, water is thrown around by the impeller, the function of centrifugal force, and a closed ring shape, through the thickness of the pump chamber is akin to determine water, etc. Water ring have taken place in the lower part of the inner surface of the impeller and tangential in box, just contact surface ( In fact, the leaves in the water ring insert certain depth) Water ring and the upper part of the blade tip. At this point, a crescent-shaped space by water ring and interface formed between the impeller shell inside, and this space has corrosion resistance vacuum water pump impeller blade and equal to the number of blades into a small room.

if the lower impeller 0 ℃ the corrosion resistance of start the vacuum pump, the impeller chamber volume, before changing rotation is under 180 ℃ by small size, and with the air inlet, the end connected at this time of the gas is inhaled, when mentioned in induction chamber when the impeller to rotate the air inlet end segregation, from big to small in the small room, compressed gas, when the chamber and vent connected, discharging gas become a corrosion resistant pump.

corrosion resistant vacuum pump is the pump chamber volume, in order to realize the intake, compression, and the change of the exhaust, so it belongs to the variable displacement water pump. The advantage of

anti-corrosion pump

1. With thick corrosion, strengthen the response of the vacuum pump, evaporation dehydration, crystallization, concentration, filtering, degassing, oxygen, refinery vacuum deodorization function.

2。 No oil pollution, high power, low noise, convenient and flexible, save electricity, etc. , of a machine.

3。 Of the single unit operations, there are five suction head can be used alone or in parallel.

4。 Direct pumping corrosive medium, such as inflammable and explosive gas and all kinds of liquid, loose granular media.

5。 With other types of vacuum pump, with a large number of low compared to the suction machine,

6. Corrosion, no pollution, stable running, water, electricity, fuel - High efficiency, long life, low maintenance cost resistant.

7。 There are many types of selection of anticorrosive vacuum pump.

8。 And described the vacuum adjustment knob on the front panel, the maximum operating temperature of 40 degrees.

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