Corrosion resistant pump valve door flange corrosion problem how to solve! ! ! !

by:J&T     2020-06-24
Corrosion resistant predictably pump forhandling corrosive liquid is used in the corrosion of pump, corrosion-resistant pump generally have fluorine plastic centrifugal pump, fluorine plastic magnetic water pump, stainless steel centrifugal pump, stainless steel magnetic pump, etc. , for corrosion resistance of the pump connection equipment, valve, flange, pipeline corrosion problems such as how to solve, for pipeline corrosion resistant materials when laying pipeline basic problems will not be huge, but for the valve and the flange is different, the integrity of the flange connection is vital for conveying fluid piping system. Whether chemical medium ( Such as hydrocarbons) Piping systems, or water supply pipeline, the leakage of flange connection will cause serious environment and economic influence, may even bring great safety hidden trouble. If the flange did not take protective measures, exposed to corrosive environment or contaminated industrial atmosphere, corrosion rate soon. In addition, due to the complexity of flange connection geometry, appear easily clearance between two flange surface corrosion and galvanic corrosion problem between different metals, will seriously damage the integrity of the pipeline system, is introduced in this paper to solve several practical methods of corrosion of the flange. In order to meet the requirements of demanding production, reduce the sudden shutdown caused by leakage, effective monitoring and detection is necessary. Technical personnel is usually more concerned about the leak problem between the flange surface, while ignoring the protection of fasteners and pipeline external, in the harsh external environment may cause very serious consequences. Lack of external protection will accelerate and expand the flange and the damage to the fastener, make whole sealing system to accelerate the deterioration, could quickly, the integrity of a system, resulting in seal failure. Visual inspection because of the flange sealing surface can only can be in the whole system downtime, inspection program should be as simple as possible, it should first eliminate the external corrosion. If unable to stop, can only be tested by using ultrasonic technology, in the case of external corrosion can't control, the process will be more complex and can't get accurate test results. Therefore, in order to monitor the whole system and provide effective quality control and inspection procedures, flange and fasteners of external corrosion protection is very important. Flange corrosion problems existing solution 1, hot melt plastics solution hot melt is essentially a kind of high temperature heating waxy meltability polymer, through professional hot melt equipment coating to the substrate surface. This way of protecting the advantage of remelting and can be reused, cost savings. But this way need hot work, professional equipment and construction services, although can be reused, but at the time of repair is not easy to open and seal. 2, polymer solution for bags bags flange can be completely wrapped, its composition is composed of low permeability polymer, corrosion inhibitor, steam and desiccant. Its installation is convenient, but the ends of the bag only tape sealing, rather than use persistent effective mechanical bonding. Bag within the steam room of large area, easy to gather a large number of moisture, corrosion inhibitor will be for a period of time is consumed. 3, mechanical sealing flange solutions mainly through confinement and jig and, on the surface of the flange clearance is usually stainless steel or plastic with rubber sealing strip. This way of protection flexibility is bad, need to be stored with different sizes of flange completely matched outer garment or fixture. 4, tape, or semi-solid anticorrosive solution of packing tape ( Such as petrolatum tapes, wax or elastic polymer binder) Through the bound up in the base material surface protection. As a result of the semi-solid polymer water proofing property is good, this way of protection can provide reliable corrosion protection. 5 solution for maintenance, maintenance, paint paint can be directly bonded on the base of epidural and general for epoxy or polyurethane coatings. Flange there are a lot of edges and corners and edges, the edge thinning effect, conventional paint system is difficult to effectively cover edge. Although thickening of coating will solve the problem of edge protection, but also leads to the follow-up maintenance sealed fastener cannot remove. In addition, the bolts will destroy the coating operation, must make a new painting after repair.
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