Corrosion resistant pump IH, CQB, IMD, ZBF performance is introduced and the principle, etc

by:J&T     2020-06-25
Corrosion resistant pump application in the chemical industry is very broad, fluorine plastic corrosion-resistant pump use effect is good, strong corrosion resistance performance, anhui gold production of valve corrosion resistant lining fluoride pump are: fluorine plastic centrifugal pump, fluorine plastic magnetic pump, IH stainless steel centrifugal pump, CQB magnetic pump, stainless steel IMD fluorine-butterfly magnetic pump, self-priming water pump and other corrosion resistant pump. A, IH stainless steel chemical centrifugal pump model IH pump IS single stage single suction cantilever type centrifugal pump, IS in the company IS the pump foundation upgrade. The tag, rated performance equivalent adopt international standard ISO2858 - point and sizes 1975 ( E) And is sure to replace F type corrosion of national mechanical industry upgrading of centrifugal pump products. Can satisfy the transport corrosive in the chemical process is similar to water in the liquid viscosity, its temperature is commonly - medium 20 to 200 degrees ( More than 120 degrees need water cooling machine seal) 。 The pump adopts the new type of hydraulic model, the efficiency increased by 5% than ordinary pump, enlarging the diameter of axle, bearing is lengthened, increasing bearing, shorten the cantilever than, make it more stable performance, the pump according to different working conditions, configuration inside and outside outfit, container type mechanical seal, the medium range is wide, and relatively low price, is currently one of the popular chemical pump. Second, CQB stainless steel heavy CQB magnetic pump stainless steel heavy magnetic water pump flow components adopts full stainless steel material, 304316316 l) , to the organic acid, organic compound, alkali, neutral solution and a variety of gas has good corrosion resistance, double helix carbon graphite bearing and hard alloy bushing, strong wear resistance, ensure the service life of the product, is an ideal pump forhandling corrosive mediums without leakage. CQB high-power magnetic pump is the use of permanent magnetic coupling principle of a new type of pump torque without contact, when the prime outer magnetic steel rotor, through the role of magnetic drive within the magnetic steel rotor synchronous rotation, and the magnetic steel rotor and impeller together as a whole, so as to achieve the purpose of the non-contact drive the impeller rotation. Because of liquid sealed in the stillness of the isolation set inside, so the pump is a kind of closed, no leakage of pump type, to completely eliminate the mechanical seal centrifugal pump the inevitable run, run, drip, leak of ills. Three, IMD high-power fluorine-butterfly IMD series of fluorine plastic magnetic pump in CQB magnetic drive pump based on the design of magnetic pump, further strengthened the improvement of the structure of pump body, after the pull type structure, one can easily for internal daily maintenance and parts replacement, without having to remove the pipe, the ingenious structure principle and stable working performance has reached the world advanced level of similar products. Canceled the indirect drive shaft seals, magnetic coupling, completely eliminates the drip, no pollution using field. Because the pump parts selection & other; Fluoroplastic alloy & throughout; Manufacturing. Can be continuous conveying any concentration of strong acid, alkali, oxidant and other corrosive medium and not damaged. Four strong self-priming pump, FZB lining fluorine FZB fluorine-butterfly strong self-priming pump is through market research, and combined with the user demand for independent design, research and development of a high-performance, corrosion resistant pump. The magnetic drive pump points and two kinds of mechanical seal structure, the flow range 2 - 8 m3 / h, 12 - head 45 meters, have wide performance, gas-liquid separation speed, short time, high suction ( Up to seven meters) , compact structure, high reliability and other self-priming pump incomparable advantages, can use self-priming function frequently. This pump is especially suitable for conveying volume small, continuous replacement barrel medium ( Known as smoking barrels) Working conditions, to solve this kind of industry medium conveying a big problem. Applicable temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, five ZBF high-performance fluorine-butterfly self-priming pump ZBF series high-performance fluorine plastic self-priming centrifugal water pump, break through the traditional self-priming pump limited by lining fluorine plastic moulding process, the liquid storage chamber, the gas-liquid separation chamber and the volute flow into an organic whole, have greater gas-liquid separation chamber, unobstructed flow channel, import advanced and reliable check valve is designed, the high and low pressure sealing is reliable, exhaust time significantly shortened, import took power, boost the self-priming performance, the self-priming height can be up to 5 m ( Atmospheric water) , flow components adopt fluorine plastic, this product design with irrigation fluid, tap holes, excused when installation reserve liquid injection tube valve disadvantageous factors, such as large extent to meet the needs of the user a variety of conditions, from the ordinary centrifugal pump to flow backward, irrigation water, bottom valve installation factors, such as the inconvenience is big flow rate, strong corrosion, high level difference ideal working condition of self-priming pump. Suitable for wastewater treatment, pickling technology, acid, alkali, chemical, agricultural chemicals, paper, electronics and other industries. Applicable temperature: - 20℃~100℃
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