Corrosion resistant magnetic pump malfunction analysis and maintenance matters needing attention

by:J&T     2020-06-22
Failure analysis of the advantages of magnetic pump is without leakage, thus completely solve the & other Run, run, drip, leak & throughout; The problem. But the corresponding magnetic pump are: 1, find are high; Ban on idling; Under the condition of entrance material not clean with particulate matter, easy to wear in the magnetic cylinder and isolation; 2, high magnetic pump made of sleeve material requirements. The price is relatively expensive. 3, use note: the use of the pump magnetic pump working environment temperature, the motor temperature, working pressure and the demands of the medium density and the particle magnetic water pump maintenance note 1, the discharge head. Of the cause of the failure are: the transmission medium is air, the impeller is damaged, speed is not enough, is too big, the proportion of conveying liquid flow is too large; High head, tube with sundry jam, etc. 2, playing out the liquid pump. can't water pump the liquid is prone to failure, its reason is also more. First check of the pump inlet line whether there is leakage, check whether the air suction tube, the amount of liquid inside the pump infusion, enough suction tube whether there is sundry jam, whether should also check the water pump inversion ( Especially after the changed motor or power lines after the repair) On, but also should pay attention to pump suction height is too high. Through the above check if still can't solve, can disassemble the pump, the pump shaft is broken, you should also check the pump ring and static ring are in good condition, the rotor can be a small amount of axial movement. If axial movement difficulty, can check whether the carbon bearing is combined with pump shaft is too tight. 3, pump shaft fracture. Type CQB magnetic pump pump shaft is the 99% alumina ceramic materials used, the main reason of pump shaft fracture is that because of empty pump running, bearing dry grinding and twist off the shaft. Can see bearing has been badly worn when disassemble pump inspection to prevent pump broken is the main way to avoid the idle running of the pump. 4, bearing damage. CQB magnetic pump bearing is the high density carbon materials used, in case of no water pump or pump contains impurities, can cause the damage of the bearing. Cylindrical coupling between inside and outside magnetic rotor coaxial degree requirements if not guaranteed, will directly affect the service life of bearing. It is worth noting that the pump repaired a few times did not find problems, work should pay attention to the magnetic coupling is normal. Bearing, the magnetic rotor and isolation sets in operation will produce heat, this will make the working temperature, on the one hand, the transfer of power down, on the other hand to transport easily vaporized liquid pump will produce a lot of trouble. Magnetic steel represents the power with the rise of temperature of a continuous decline curve, usually, working in the magnetic steel under extreme temperature, its transmission capacity decline is reversible, and above the limit temperature is irreversible, namely magnetic steel cools, the loss of transmission capacity can no longer be restored. Under special circumstances in the magnetic coupling occurrence surge ( Out-of-step) , the eddy current in every set of heat will increase sharply, rapid temperature rise, if not handled in time, will cause magnetic steel demagnetization, disable magnetic coupling. Therefore magnetic pump should be reliable cooling system design. Medium of not easy vaporization cooling circulatory system generally consists of the impeller outlet or exit flow pump, the bearings and magnetic transmission part back to absorb population, medium for easy vaporization, heat exchanger should increase or will flow to the pump outside the tank, avoid heat back to absorb population, for medium with solid impurities or ferromagnetic impurities, filtering, should be considered for high temperature medium, should consider to cooling, to ensure that the magnetic coupling work shall not exceed the limit temperature.
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