Corrosion resistant lining plastic and stainless steel pump performance difference? What are those?

by:J&T     2020-06-19
In the chemical industry, use a lot of corrosion resistant pump, chemical raw materials and transport cannot leave the corrosion resistant water pump, acid alkali anhui gold anti-corrosive pump usually have corrosion resistant lining fluoride plastic pump and stainless steel pump, here what is the difference between two kinds of water pump in performance? Please see the following: 1, the impeller seal and back to the functioning of the pump body clearance for plastic and glass fiber reinforced plastic coefficient of linear expansion of 2 ~ 6 times larger than steel, use stainless steel pump running clearance prone to bite, the damage of the water pump. Clearance is too large and will reduce the efficiency of the pump, and pump axial force caused by the imbalance. Due to radial clearance cannot adjust, also can consider to use axial clearance, so need to pump, can check and adjust the clearance operation, in order to prevent the temperature change caused by the plastic on the pump shell peeling or cracking, can consider to tortoise shell on the pump shell welding wire mesh, so as to make the lining plastic pump can do bigger specifications, import pipe diameter of DN602, impeller and shaft connection form (1) embedded within the impeller metal parts, through the metal parts connected to the shaft with a key, or impeller and shaft directly with key links, end with impeller impeller nut protection. This structure is derived from the metal pump, because of the sealing surface, poor reliability. After long time use, shaft susceptible to corrosion medium. Metal parts, (2) embedded within the impeller and the pump shaft with threaded connections, cancel the impeller nut. This structure can make the shaft is completely protected, avoid shaft is the possibility of corrosion medium. The disadvantage is that thread machining precision demand is higher, it is strictly prohibited to motor reversal during operation. 3, the pump body lining thickness and fixed by pump enterprise standards, lining thickness is 5 - commonly 8 mm, if the lining layer too thin, Such as 1. 5~2mm) Lining, pressing process is easy to appear local defects, lead to pump allows the use of a drop in temperature, and the service life, the lining layer from the pump body and the possibility of back cover substrate metal loss also increased. Lining layer fixed way can take on the substrate metal decorate a dense ring dovetail groove, the method of fixation, the lining layer with time was small. Also available substrate metal decorate the holes ( Or threaded hole) Method of lining layer is better than a fixed dovetail groove, 4, balance of axial force and machining plastic pump impeller are buried with metal parts, should not be commonly use the balancing method of axial force. Widely used at home and abroad back vane axial force balance. 5, the stress of the interface of plastic pump import and export over yet have relevant standards to limit, generally by the design unit, and according to the manufacturer's own manufacturing conditions. For the whole plastic pump shell, generally USES living way of flange and pipe connection, lap joint flange on both ends of the cover plate and connectivity; Also can adopt the way of the flange and cover board make it whole and pipeline connection.
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