Corrosion resistant lining fluorine alloy centrifugal pump, fluorine plastic magnetic pump technology which is strong?

by:J&T     2020-06-26
Fluorine-butterfly just as its name implies is lined with fluoroplastic pump, pump valve in anhui province, anhui gold production technology mature, leading process equipment, strict quality requirements, is a professional production and sales of anti-corrosion lining fluoride pump, fluorine plastic pump manufacturers. Fluorine plastic pump according to the structural form can generally be divided into: IHF lining fluorine alloy centrifugal pump, the FSB fluorine plastic all plastic centrifugal pump, CQB lining fluoride, FZB lining fluorine self-priming pump, magnetic water pump pump GDF fluorine plastic pipes. Anhui gold lining fluoride pump pump body adopts advanced production technology with fluorine plastic (of metal shell tight line F46) Manufacturing, the load bearing part of a water pump for metallic materials with high mechanical strength, strong pressure resistance, superior mechanical impact resistance, etc; Main flow components impeller, pump cover, adopt metal insert outsourcing fluorine plastic disposable heat moulding, is very good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, now in the chemical industry of conveying liquid such as safety, energy saving, environmental protection reliability of choice.
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