Corrosion resistant lining and lining fluoride fluoride pump pipe and lining fluoride is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-20
Corrosion resistant lining and lining fluoride fluoride pump pipe is of strong acid in chemical industry, strong alkali, strong corrosive medium conveying equipment in water pump and pipeline, strong corrosion liquid why choose lining fluorine material, lining and steel lining fluoride pump of PTFE teflon, its lining fluoride water pump, pipes and fittings heng & other King plastic & throughout; The reputation. Corrosion resistance: steel ptfe kind of pumps and pipe, in addition to the molten metal lithium, potassium, sodium, chloride, fluoride trifluoride oxygen under high temperature, high velocity of liquid fluorine. It can resist almost all chemical medium. Including corrosion of nitric acid and aqua regia, it can be in 230 ℃ - for a long time Work under the temperature 250 ℃. Steel poly (vinylidene fluoride class or other types of vinylidene fluoride compound pipe, the halogen, halogenated hydrocarbon, strong oxidant, boiling acid, alkali and a variety of organic solvents has good corrosion resistance. But not fuming sulfuric acid resistance, heat concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric acid, above 90 ℃, ketone, ester, amine, and high temperature corrosion of sulfonating agent. Second, the advantages of steel lining four fluorine high-temperature & ndash; — Use the working temperature of 250 ℃. Low temperature resistant & ndash; — Have good mechanical toughness; Even if the temperature dropped to - 196 ℃, also can keep 5% elongation. Corrosion resistant & ndash; — To most chemicals and solvents, inert, acid alkali, water and a variety of organic solvents. Non-toxic & ndash; — Having physical inertia, resistance of biological non-toxic climate & ndash; — In aging with a plastic life. High lubrication & ndash; — Is the friction coefficient of solid materials. Don't stick & ndash; — Is a solid material, the surface tension of the small and medium-sized don't adhere to any material. Three, four fluorine water pump and pipeline steel lining the main role of 1, strong steel lining ptfe tube is suitable for high temperature corrosive gases and liquids. Other types of inspecting &controlling and tube is not transport medium, steel ptfe composite. A tube are applicable, steel polyvinylidene fluoride compound pipe applicable conveyor working temperature in - class Corrosive medium of 40 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃. 2, steel lining four fluorine pump has excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance performance. Is ideal for nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, aqua regia, phosgene, chlorine gas, mixed acid, bromide, etc organic solvents such as strong corrosive medium of conveying equipment. In the high temperature for a long time ( Within 120 ℃) Limit the negative pressure condition and stable operation of steel lining four fluorine pumps, pipes and accessories. Solved the previous four fluorine steel lining pumps, pipes and accessories not ingeneral, the disadvantage of negative pressure in high temperature and high pressure such as many distillation has been widely used in the system. The four major characteristics, steel lining four fluorine material 1, work performance: media working temperature: - 100℃~- 250 ℃ medium pressure: positive pressure: 2. 5 mpa, 70 kpa2 temperature resistance to negative pressure, chemical: the atmospheric aging resistance, radiation resistance and low permeability: long-term exposure to the atmosphere, surface and performance remains the same. Acid-proof alkaline, not soluble in strong acid, strong alkali and organic solvents. Corrosion of oxidation resistance, ability strong oxidizer. Incombustible, limit oxygen index below 90.
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