Corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic pump of fluorine rubber selection is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-23
Corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic water pump using fluorine plastic material was made of high temperature, strong corrosion resistance, the dielectric properties of fluorine rubber do you know how much again? Fluorine rubber containing fluorine, fluorine atoms and carbon atoms - C F key performance is high, the adsorption effect of fluorine atoms have greatly at the same time, depends on the special molecular structure, the fluorine rubber has excellent heat resistance, drug resistance, solvent resistance, resistance to fluoride, vacuum resistance, oil resistance, ageing resistance and other properties. There are many kinds of fluorine rubber, also have different performance. Depending on the chemical composition, fluorine rubber can be broadly divided into fluorocarbon rubber, silicone rubber fluoride, fluoride phosphate nitrile rubber. A, common fluorine rubber into the following categories: 1) Ether partial fluorine rubber, dupont brand VITON GLT, for all, tetrafluoroethylene, vinylidene fluoride fluorine methyl vinyl ether, vulcanization point quaternary copolymer monomer, low temperature performance; 2) Perfluorinated ether rubber, referred to as 'FFKM, dupont brand Kalrez, excellent low temperature resistance, high fluorine content, excellent solvent resistance; 3) Fluorine and silicone rubber, excellent low temperature resistance, solvent resistance. 4) Fluorine rubber 23, commonly known as the no. 1 domestic adhesive, for partial fluorine ethylene and three vinyl chloride copolymer; 5) Fluorine rubber, 26 domestic commonly known as the no. 2 rubber, dupont brand VITON A, for the partial fluorine ethylene and hexafluoropropylene copolymer, comprehensive performance is better than that of fluorine rubber 23; 6) Fluorine rubber, 246, the domestic commonly known as the no. 3 glue, dupont brand VITON B, for the partial fluorine ethylene, tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene terpolymer, fluorine content is higher than that of fluorine rubber 26, good solvent resistance; 7) Fluorine rubber TP, commonly known as the four domestic fluorine rubber FEPM, brand Aflas asahi, propylene copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and hydrogen, water vapor resistance and alkali resistance superior performance; Second, the performance analysis of fluoride is a known chemical elements CLP negative element, C - F keys can be very high. Fluorine atom radius is very small, equivalent to a C - C key half long, which makes the fluorine atomic closely packed around the carbon atom, formed a C - C key protective barrier, which gives containing fluorine polymer elastomer C - C key chemical inertness. In addition, because of the existence of fluorine atoms in the strong electron-withdrawing effect and the C - C key shielding protection, make a C - C key bond length shorten, the key to increase. Not only that, the carbon atoms of fluoride keys to combine with other atoms can also corresponding improvement, so as to improve the heat resistance and corrosion resistance of fluorinated polymer elastomer, such as in table 2. At the same time, also make the fluoride fluorine free rotation of the chemical compounds can greatly increase, that the rigidity of fluorocarbon elastomer molecules, flexible and low temperature resistance decreased. Three, four fluorine rubber FEPM c, perfluorinated ether rubber FFKM with department of vinylidene fluoride fluorine rubber FKM / 7 - 8] 1, FFKM and FKM FFKM is mainly composed of tetrafluoroethylene, perfluorinated alkyl vinyl ether as main monomers, and with a small amount of points in the third monomer copolymerization of sulphide. With the structure of high temperature and chemical stability, can resist 1600 many kinds of chemical corrosion, its excellent sex helps to maintain the integrity of the seal, and security. This outstanding practical value to make it with all kinds of special applications in industry. Development and application of it represents the peak of the development of the fluorine rubber. 2, FEPM and FKM FEPM and generally FKM have very big distinction, because of the different molecular structure, its excellent durability performance of alkali, amine. Have heat resistance and electrical insulation at the same time, because the steam resistance is better, so that can be used for other in the purpose of FKM cannot use. With the durability of alkali FKM of vinylidene fluoride monomer is relatively weak, on the contrary, durability and low tender soft sex for gasoline are better, even if both belong to the fluorine rubber, area is completely different, therefore, according to the performance requirements, should be used separately.
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