Corrosion resistant 2 bv water ring vacuum pump common faults and maintenance method

by:J&T     2020-06-28

in the process of the use of water ring vacuum pump, due to improper use, maintenance and long-term work, poor equipment failure may occur. Based on past experience, summarizes the common faults and maintenance methods for everyone. Corrosion resistance is the following 2 bv water ring vacuum pump maintenance is introduced:

1, 2 bv water ring vacuum water pump corrosion abnormal startup sound

( 1) Start the abnormal sound, the user should check the power supply voltage, electrical wiring, etc. One by one to remove unused for a long time on the lid of the impurities and foreign bodies, and add on rust rust remover or manual derusting.

( 2) Voice is still not normal, the reason may be the pump cavity is full of working fluid, the pump cavity filled with water. Open the discharge exports and release the right amount of working fluid is enough.

2, corrosion resistant 2 bv water ring vacuum pump motor overheating

motor overheating, the user should first stop, then check that the motor open phase, firm connection, vent plug, impeller drag, and so on and so forth. One by one check whether water lead to motor overload, and reducing the water supply to the parameters set range.

3, the temperature is too high

( 1) If inhaled gas temperature is too high, user measures should be taken to lower the temperature of the suction gas, remove the compression of indoor gas heat of vaporization, and condensing condensable gases in front of the pump inlet.

( 2) High temperature should be according to the actual situation of working fluid and gas. If the working fluid temperature at the entrance of too much or too little supply, users should find lower working fluid temperature or increasing the supply of working fluid method.

4, barring difficult

( 1) Most turning is difficult due to the factory after enter the condition of long-term failure, vacuum pump end due to rust. Oxalate need injection pump cavity soak for half an hour. After loosening bolts, barring smoothly, then the pump cover bolts evenly lock.

( 2) If equipment in use, should check the water ring vacuum pump room water temperature and dirt cleaning, and improve process, as far as possible to reduce the water temperature, reduce the working liquid in the dirt, the oxalic acid soaking in the pump chamber.

in order to obtain high quality, high performance, long life, water ring vacuum pump, must make daily maintenance and correct operation method, difficult to reduce the rotation, motor dysfunctional, start, abnormal sound, such as insufficient flow failure.

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