Corrosion resistance without leakage magnetic pump and leakage shielding pump what's the difference?

by:J&T     2020-06-22
The recent development of chemical industry and people to improve the environment, safety consciousness, more and more is also high to the requirement of chemical pump. On some occasions, Such as conveying inflammable, explosive, volatile medium at low temperature ( Liquefied petroleum gas, etc. ) , toxic, or your media occasions) Require no leakage of pump shaft sealing is reliable or adopted. Should first choose no leakage of pump, such as shielding water pump, magnetic pump. Shielding pump and belong to no leakage of pump, magnetic pump shaft seal, but they the structure and principle of different. Shielding pump compared to magnetic pump, fluorine plastic magnetic pump has the advantages of low price, don't need to return to factory maintenance. One, the structural characteristics and working principle of magnetic pump magnetic pump by the pump body, magnetic transmission device, support, motor; Inside the pump head is mainly composed of impeller, shaft, the magnetic steel rotor and outer magnetic steel rotor, isolation cover, bearings, etc. On the pump shaft is equipped with a cylindrical outer magnetic rotor, inner surface evenly decorated the outer magnetic rotor NS meet arrangement of permanent magnets. Within the magnetic rotor contact with the media, both inside and outside magnetic rotor between a non-magnetic material of sleeve, fixed on the pump end cover of sleeve, so will be pumping medium in the form of static sealing seal in isolation. The moving parts of the pump is equipped with a cylindrical inner magnetic rotor, the inner magnetic rotor outer surface also even decorated the NS meet arrangement of permanent magnets. Motor drives the outer magnetic rotor, as a result of permanent magnets attract each other, within the outer magnetic rotor driven magnetic rotor synchronous rotation, which drives the pump shaft rotation. Magnetic water pump is mainly used in high-end applications, such as the transmission of strong acid, strong alkali, liquid chlorine and other harmful medium is the ideal choice. Shield water pump magnetic pump and comparison analysis according to shield pump magnetic pump and the characteristics of the structural characteristics and working principle of knowable shield pump magnetic pump and have in common is belong to vane type centrifugal pump, pump without leakage, no shaft seal; Difference is the structure and principles of each other is completely different. 1, although the shielding set of general only 0. 5 to 0. 6 mm thick, but under the auxiliary function of the stator and reinforcement, shielding pump can process medium under high pressure. Improving magnetic pump pressure can only be achieved by increasing the thickness of the isolation, but the thickening of sleeve will lead to the magnetic conduction ability, reduce the efficiency, not too thick of sleeve, make limited compression capacity of 2, magnetic pump, in principle, there is no grain, especially hard particle impact bearing lubrication and isolation, but due to the shielding pump isolation set of shielding set of thicker, impurity scratches on influence of sleeve of relatively small 3, magnetic pump motor ( General motors) Is more efficient than shielding pump motor, but due to the magnetic transmission and mechanical coupling transmission loss of efficiency, corresponding overall magnetic pump efficiency is higher than the efficiency of shielding pump is 4, the price is lower than magnetic pump shield pump in petrochemical pump selection in the specification, for conveying inflammable, explosive, volatile, toxic, or your medium pump requirements of zero leakage, therefore should first choose no leakage of pump, shield pump, magnetic pump. And for shielding and magnetic force pump specific how to choose, it should combine the different characteristics of the two kinds of pump working condition of medium and the production of the practical need of, considering the economic costs to decide. Shielding pump compared to magnetic pump, magnetic pump has the advantages of low price, don't need to return to factory maintenance, shielding pump has the higher safety and running vibration and low noise, low failure rate, maintenance of the advantages of small amount of work at ordinary times.
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