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Connection methods between chiller and chiller pump

Connection methods between chiller and chiller pump


1. Unit connection

Is also called "one machine, one pump" corresponding connection. The characteristics are that each chiller is independent of each other, and the hydraulic stability is good; the unit and the water scoop are started and stopped at the same time, the system control and operation management are convenient; there are relatively many takeovers, and the construction and installation are difficult.

2. Parent control connection

This connection method is to connect multiple chillers and multiple chillers through the mother pipe. The characteristic is that when the unit or the pump is overhauled, the cross combination is used as a spare; it is convenient to take over and the layout of the machine room is simple. This connection requires that the electric valves at the inlet and outlet of the chiller are interlocked with the corresponding chiller and chiller pump.

3. Location of chiller and chiller

The chiller is installed on the outlet side of the chiller pump. The advantage of this arrangement is that the chiller and pump run stably, but this connection method is only suitable for multi-storey buildings with low building height. For the air-conditioning water system of high-rise buildings, due to the large static water pressure, in order to reduce the pressure of the evaporator of the chiller, the chiller should be located on the suction side of the chiller pump.

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