Commonly used chemical pump parts in both English and Chinese

by:J&T     2020-06-17
Table 1 in both English and Chinese common water pump parts. Ptfe Teflon2. Highland barley paper Highland barley paper3. Filter Filter net4. Oil cup Oil cup5. The Oil standard Oil level sight glass6. 7 pump. body Casing8. body sealing ring Casing ring9. cover Casing cover10. Impeller Impeller11. Impeller Impeller nut cap12. Impeller sealing ring Impeller ring13. Base Base14. Bottom plate Under plate15. Motor Motor16. Supporting tube Support column17. The liquid pipe Discharge pipe18. Gasket Gasket19. The diversion Battle20. Bolt Bolt21. Double end studs Stud22. Lifting bolt Eyebolt23. Nut Nut24. Round nut Disc nut25. Clapboard Interstage diaphragm26. Vice impeller Auxiliary impeller27. Stuffing box Stuffing box28. Packing ring Seal cage29. Packing Packing30. Water seal ring Water seal cage31. Packing Gland Gland cover32. Mechanical seal Mechanical seal33. Mechanical gland Mechanical seal cover34. Leg Supporting foot35. Anchor bolt Foundation bolt36. Diaphragm coupling Diaphragm coupling37. The Coupling guard Coupling guard38. Gasket Washer39. Mat Gasket40. Key Key41. Shaft Shaft42. Bearing Bearing43. Bearing housing Bearing support44. Bracket Bearing frame45. Bearing gland Bearing cover46. Shaft sleeve Shaft sleeve47. Bearing sleeve Bearing sleeve48. Bearing bush Bearing bush49. Pin Pin50. Hydrosphere Thrower51. Oil slinger Lubricating ring52. Dust-proof plate Deflector53. Adjust the pad Adjust ring54. Shaft with elastic ring Circlips for shaft55. Hole with elastic ring Circlips for hole56. Lock washer with Tab washer57. Rivet Rivet58. Tight Set screw Set screw59. Gasket on the Upper gasket60. Gasket under the Lower gasket61. Bend Pipe bend62. Pipe plugging Plug63. Pipe joint Nipple64. Nameplate Nameplate65. To brand Arrow plate66. Warning signs Warning board67. Flange Flange68. Electric frame Motor frame69. Lubrication system Lubrication system70. Oil seal Oil seal71. Oil plugging Oil filler plug72. Transparent organic glass Transparency organic glass
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