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Common faults and maintenance methods of swimming pool pumps

Common faults and maintenance methods of swimming pool pumps


The common faults of swimming pool pumps are as follows:

1. The pump cannot pump water

Maintenance methods: block air leakage; fill with water; discharge clean air; deepen the depth of submergence; expand the distance between the four walls to eliminate eddy currents. Open the bottom valve to clear the blockage; reduce the pipeline loss, reduce the installation height or increase the water level; increase the cavitation allowance of the device.

2. Large vibration and noise

The strength of the swimming pool pump foundation is not enough or the weight is too light, there is a phenomenon of suspension or looseness; the pump and the motor shaft are asymmetrical and unstable; the pump impeller or motor fan blade is unbalanced; the pump rotor is loose or there is friction in the pump; there is debris or Broken parts; the pump flow is too large or too small; the pump is evacuated, cavitation, or there is eddy current in the water; the bearing rotating body is too tight or the track is bored; the bearing is scattered or broken.

Maintenance methods: Strengthen foundation strength or quality; exclude suspension or looseness; reasonable centering; stabilize pump and motor; replace unbalanced parts; tighten pump rotor; remove debris, broken parts or friction in pump and adjust pump operation reasonably Conditions; improve pump water intake; eliminate eddy currents; replace bearings.

3. The shaft power is too high and the motor is overloaded

Maintenance methods: reasonable adjustment of packing gland; elimination of friction; replacement of bearings; reasonable alignment; dredging of balanced water pipes; reasonable adjustment of pump speed; reasonable adjustment of pump operating conditions; reasonable resolution of power supply or motor current imbalance.

4. The flow head is not enough

The resistance of the pipeline system is too large; the shaft seal of the input pipeline system or the swimming pool pump and the inlet pipe have air leakage; the pipeline system or the impeller flow channel is partially blocked; the speed is not enough; the submerged depth of the bottom valve and the distance between the four walls are too small; eddy current is generated in the inlet water ; Overcurrent parts wear seriously; device head is higher than pump head.

Maintenance method: reduce pipeline resistance loss; block air leakage, dredge flow channel and blockage; increase speed; deepen submerged depth; expand four-wall distance; eliminate vortex; replace wear parts; adjust device head; reasonably match pump head.

5. Rotating parts are difficult to rotate or have friction

The shaft is bent and the running clearance between the wear rings is incorrect; the stress on the pipe on the pump casing is too large; the shaft or impeller ring swings too much; there is dirt between the impeller and the pump casing wear ring, and the pump casing wear ring There is dirt.

Maintenance method: straighten the shaft or replace it as required; check whether the gap is correct, replace the wear ring of the pump casing or impeller as required; remove the stress and consult the manufacturer's representative, and check the alignment after removing the stress; check the rotating parts And bearings, replace worn or damaged parts as required; clean and inspect wear rings and replace as required. Cut off and eliminate the source of dirt.

6. Overheating of supporting motor The reasons for overheating of supporting motor:

The motor windings are attached to the windings by oil, dust, etc., or are dampened, resulting in reduced insulation.

Maintenance method: the insulation resistance of the motor should be measured, and the motor should be dried and cleaned; when the ambient temperature is too high, it will also cause the motor to overheat. If the ambient temperature exceeds 35 ℃, try to improve its working environment, such as sheltering the sun Wait.

The reason for the swimming pool pump: the intermittent work system or the quota is short-term. The motor continuously works and the start is too frequent; the power selection is not matched, and the motor is overloaded for a long time, which makes the motor temperature too high.

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