Common among five fundamental mistake - vacuum pump maintenance

by:J&T     2020-05-27

the maintenance of vacuum pump is not a problem for professionals, but many professionals during maintenance will be missed. Small make up today I will tell you vacuum pump maintenance should be avoided in the five common misconception.

1, export since the wash pipe welding pump body

is commonly used wash pipe flushing of the vacuum pump, the sealing medium itself from the pump suction by flushing tube into the sealed cavity, wash the seals. Purpose is to take away the heat generated by the mechanical seal friction pair, the lower the temperature of the seal face, to prevent impurities and deposition of solid particles and gas retention, etc.

at both ends of the flushing tube joint gasket and threaded connection easy to leak, rinses sometimes corrosion bellows seal. Maintenance, flushing tube directly removed, on both ends of the joint with electric welding welding die. If there is no flushing, flushing fluid will interrupt, the impurity in the medium and particles will accumulate and adhesion around the seal cavity, working conditions of the friction pair became complicated, eventually lead to the rising of the temperature of the friction pair, shorten the service life of mechanical seal.

2, remove the bellows seal water jacket

type bellows mechanical seal are usually equipped with a water jacket. Cooling water entered above or from directly in the gland inclined guide above the water jacket of the lateral flow, through baffle into guide water jacket and bushing cavity, through the friction pair, and then directly out of gland below. Cooling water cooling friction pair can be not only, still can prevent fluid leakage in the seal chamber. Because the gap between the corrugated pipe and the shaft sleeve is relatively small, so the formation of impurities in water and scale tend to accumulate on the inner surface of the corrugated pipe, which in severe cases may lead to blockages in the cooling water channel.

in order to reduce the dredge cooling water channel to cause trouble, vacuum pump maintenance personnel often deal with failure, and taken water jacket. Directly as a result, the cooling water in the ground out of gland, which deteriorate the surface of the friction pair, cooling effect due to the high temperature lead to severe fouling. In serious cases, stuck bellows seal, seal failure.

3, find the timing adjustment pump bearing support bolt

maintenance of centrifugal pump, according to the parts of the assembly sequence, assembly consists of rotor, water pump cover, bearing support, etc. Installed in the water pump shell. Impeller mouth ring and pump body mouth ring coaxial degree through the pump casing and pump cover retaining a cooperation to ensure that. The axial position of the impeller by the pump casing and pump cover gasket between the regulation. Adjust the alignment and the axial position of the impeller, with bolt fastening together will pump casing and pump cover. Then pump cover and the bearing support with a bolt fastening together. Finally, the installation and alignment coupling.

adjust motor timing, first adjust the axial clearance, make two and a half coupling parallel, then adjust the radial clearance, makes the half coupling coaxial. When motor can not meet the requirements, some vacuum water pump maintenance personnel often adjust the pump cover and bearing bracket fastening bolt tightness between, in order to find the right place. As a result, because of the different bolt tightness, motor often produce noise and vibration. In serious cases, the pump will be damaged.

4, on the sealing effect, large amount of compression is superior to the small amount of compression

when installing a mechanical seal, many vacuum pump maintenance personnel often subjectively think a lot better than a small amount of compression, compression but that is not the case.

the excessive compression of mechanical seal leads to excessive pressure on end face, lead to raise the temperature of friction pair, the seals on the liquid film thickness is reduced, evaporation, damage, even the seals wear and deformation, the mechanical seal of the elastic element lose elasticity, seal failure in the end. But the amount of compression mechanical seal cannot be too small. If the compression quantity is too small to medium pressure fluctuate or pump will stop, it's easy to cause the seal leakage. The amount of compression in actual maintenance, mechanical seals should be in mechanical seal for value given in the instruction manual shall prevail.

run after a period of time, the related parameters in the medium, into the seal surface impurities were washed away, stress and deformation to eliminate, significantly reduce or even eliminate leakage. Vacuum pump maintenance personnel have abnormal mechanical seal, must observe carefully, careful analysis under the conditions allow, and then take effective measures. This not only can avoid the waste of replacement of mechanical seal, also can analyze and judge the ability of equipment failure, verify the vacuum pump maintenance of practical experience, thus gradually improve maintenance skills.

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