Cleaning and screw vacuum pump

by:J&T     2020-05-19

element screw vacuum pump is mainly used as the filter installation, is an important work of filter components. Filtering effect is mainly decided by the performance of the filter element. What are the main filtering method screw vacuum pump, oil filter used for screw vacuum pump oil, prolong the service life of the oil filter. The oil exhaust filter considering the three requirements, screw vacuum water pump exhaust resistance, dust content, oil and gas separation performance.

equilibrium. Different internal and external position, use different data to complete the separation of goal 3. Air inlet filter can effectively prevent solid particles and fine ash inhaled screw vacuum pump. Reduce mechanical wear and improve the operation reliability. It also can effectively maintain system components, extend the service life of screw vacuum pump, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor and other domestic high enterprise to clean vacuum requirement.

a comprehensive understanding of the screw vacuum pump can be better to stop maintenance. Screw vacuum pump in the water pump chamber, if not in the dry state, long time no use will rust. When repeated use may not be able to start properly. How to cleaning? Manual cleaning is a kind of cost savings and relatively safe method. Don't need to use chemicals to rust removal, as if in indoor use of chemical herbicides, screw vacuum pump pump pump chamber will more or less damage.

with rust remover rust removing rust remover is very clean, but may cause some damage to screw vacuum pump chamber. If rust in use process, can choose the cleaning method according to the actual situation. Of course, if can take enough rust prevention measures is good, it can not only ensure the normal use of the screw vacuum pump, and can prolong the service life.

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