Classification of chemical centrifugal pump pipe scale is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-24
Chemical manufacturers in the use of centrifugal water pump, in the process of installation for centrifugal water pump and pipeline connection some the expansion pipe connection will be used to compensate, also called pipeline compensator with escalation, the expansion of many types, various types of performance is also different, scale expansion joints ( Expansion joint) Is mainly used to compensate expansion deformation of pipeline caused by temperature change, also used in a pipeline etc need to install the length of the compensation, mainly divided into bending type expansion joint and bellows expansion joint and casing slip joint three kinds of structure forms. : 1, the casing slip by axial relative motion can be inside and outside of the casing ( 。 USES the stuffing box seal between inner and outer casing. Keep on both ends of the pipe when used in a moving axis. On both ends of the slip joint installed guide bracket. It has the advantage of small friction resistance to the flow of fluid, the structure is compact; Defect is poor sealing, thrust to the fixed support is bigger. Casing expansion joints and low pressure steam pipeline is mainly used for water pipes. 2, bend type expansion joint: a u-shaped bend pipe or other form, and by using the form of compensation for the elastic deformation of the expansion joint. It has the advantage of good intensity, long service life, can be made at the scene, the disadvantage is that take up the space is big, the consumption of steel and frictional resistance to this expansion joint is widely used in all kinds of steam pipe and long pipe. 3, bellows expansion joint: use a kind of metal corrugated tube expansion joint. It can slip along axis direction, and allow a small amount of bending. For common axial type bellows expansion joint, axial length compensation in the pipeline. In order to prevent more than allow the amount of compensation, on both ends of corrugated pipe has protective bars or protection ring, in connection with it at both ends of the pipeline set on the guide bracket. Another corner type and the horizontal type expansion joint, can be used to compensate Angle deformation and lateral deformation of the pipeline. The advantage of this kind of expansion joint is save space, save material, easy standardization and mass production, the disadvantage is that life is short. Bellows expansion joint are used for temperature and pressure is not high, shorter length of the line. With the improvement of corrugated pipe production technology level, this kind of expansion joint application scope is expanding. By work constitute the main body of corrugated pipe ( A kind of elastic element) Tubes, stents, and end of flange, pipe and other accessories. Mainly USES in all kinds of pipe, it can compensate the pipe thermal displacement, mechanical deformation and absorb all kinds of mechanical vibration, it could reduce the pipeline deformation stress and enhance the role of the service life of the pipeline. Corrugated compensator connection mode can be divided into flange connections and welding two kinds. Welding methods commonly used directly buried pipeline compensator. Non-metallic expansion joint duct rubber compensator is a fabric by rubber and rubber compound material, steel flange, socket, thermal insulation materials, mainly used for a variety of flexible connection between fan, air duct, its function is to shock absorption, noise reduction, displacement and sealing, medium resistance, easy installation, is a kind of very ideal environmental protection field shock absorption, noise reduction, the best accessories and smoke prevention and dust control. Fabric compensator expansion joint fabric mainly for fabrics, such as rubber, high temperature resistant material. Can compensate the vibration of the fan, air duct operation and pipeline deformation. Fabrics expansion joints can compensate the axial, lateral and angular product, with no thrust bearing design, simplify sound vibration, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, etc. , especially suitable for power plant hot blast pipe and soot pipe. Fabric of non-metallic compensator, heat preservation cotton body itself has the function of sound absorption, vibration isolation can effectively reduce boiler, fan noise and vibration of the system. Simple structure, light weight, easy maintenance. Stainless steel: stainless steel compensator can compensate the axial, lateral and angular, with no thrust bearing design, simplify sound vibration, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, etc. , especially suitable for hot blast pipe and soot pipe. The reliability of the metals: metal corrugated compensator is by the design, manufacture, installation and operation management, and other links. Considering reliability should also from these aspects. Material selection for heating pipe network of corrugated pipe material selection, should be considered in addition to the working medium, operating temperature and external environment, also should consider the possibility of stress corrosion, the influence of the water treatment agent and pipe cleaner on the material, etc. , and on the basis of the combination of corrugated pipe material welding, molding and the performance of the material cost, optimizing the economic and practical corrugated materials were made.
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