Circulating water pump motor burn machine reason have?

by:J&T     2020-06-25
Circulating water pump is commonly used in production and living water pumps, anti-corrosion type circulating pump, circulating water pump, sewage cast iron circulating pump in use process, a motor burning machine is what reason, as one of the commonly used equipment, motor burn machine phenomenon what reason is caused? Circulating pump motor is a lot of conditions can cause burning machine: the actual use head below the water pump nameplate head too much; Start loading can cause motor damage; Some special pump without water work time is too long. First of all, the first to get the motor to burn is bearing ( Mechanical failure) Or burnt coil ( Electrical fault) 吗? If is burning coil failure is mainly caused by over current, voltage too high or too low will cause sometimes hot coil short circuit, so check the runtime is voltage and rated voltage difference too much. A, actual use head below the pump nameplate head too much: head of centrifugal pump is used to overcome the highly and resistance, high lift pump work at high lift his flow is the flow of design point, if in low-lift work, is equal to the pump outlet resistance decreases, then the flow of a centrifugal pump increases, motor overload, to a certain degree will be burning motor. For example a feed water water pump head is 50 meters, flow of 50 cubic meters/hour, when it to 50 meters high feed water, its flow is 50 cubic meters per hour, when it to 40 m above water, its height and reduce its flow resistance could reach 80 - More than 90 cubic meters per hour, the motor will get hot or burned. Second, the short circuit current, there may be several reasons: equipment overload operation, make the captain of the electric time constant current operation at the rated current or excess. Special note that the motor starting current is rated current of the 3 - Five times, so the boot device should be avoided when carrying load or full load operation ( Mainly depends on the motor rated current and running current matching allowance) Work, the motor in a wet environment. Before the motor start and shall check the coil to ground insulation and insulation, insulation requirements are different, use different voltage grade examination can consult the relevant national standards. In the motor running process should pay attention to waterproof. Three, the pump motor overload caused by the failures of mechanical, electric current is too large and burning coil. The heat dissipation problem of the machine. General motor coil adopts air cooling case, submersible pump is water-cooled shell. Large motor use empty - more Empty, empty - heat exchanger Cooling water heat exchanger. If the broken cooling water, Air) That the coil can heat dissipation, is likely to be burnt coil. Four, motor burn machine summary can be divided into: the reason of load, power supply, electrical insulation, lack of equal. 一个。 Lacks the reason: the general is due to link up the phase indicator ( A photograph is not insufficient power supply or power supply voltage) Not closed, or line contactor contact wire connection disconnected, loose or contact oxidation to causes such as. 1. Motor is a delta connection: will burn off only one phase winding, can use a megger ( Shaking table) Measure the insulation failure a phase winding. 2. Motor is star ( Y) Connection: there are two phase winding will burn, can use a megger ( Shaking table) Measure the two-phase windings of electrical breakdown. Features: the winding (there is a phase or two phase in the Level 4) All black, coil damage is symmetrical, there are rules for lack of phase. In short: if the motor is because of lack of phase and to burn, there will be a winding is not burned, if because of the heavy load and motor burn is all over the ground three-phase winding insulation damage. B。 Overload causes: general for electrical pilot run time overcurrent, overheating, frequent start or brake, also led to incorrect connection of ( The triangle of by a star) 。 Due to overheating: more than load operation, leading to a motor fever. Or frequent motor start, causing the motor overheating. Features: the winding all become black, end tie discoloration and brittle fracture even. The opportunity to appear on both ends of the motor stator internal burning will be blackened, blackened parts is uniform, Because general motors has a set of operating power, call it the rated power, the unit for tile ( W) In certain circumstances, if the actual use of the motor power exceeding the rated power of motor, has described the phenomenon as the motor overload) 。 C。 And reason: did not put in place, and white paper or white paper ( Casing) Have been broken. Features: the machine two phase between adjacent burned. D。 To strike reason: between coil and end cover frame to climb the distance between the enough. Features: between the coil and end cover or end cover, two were charred traces. E. Interturn reasons: motor manufacturing process of enameled wire broken skin. Local characteristics: winding burn out, usually within the motor cavity clean, only one ZhaDian.
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