Circulating water pump export loaded check valve easy to produce water hammer?

by:J&T     2020-06-23
Desulfurization of circulating water pump is an industrial, sewage, water treatment cycle such as common pump, circulating pump anti-corrosion lining plastic circulating pump, circulating pump of stainless steel, users in the use of installing a circulation pump, exports do you want to install the check valve, check valve installation easy to produce water hammer? Look at the consequences of circulating water pump don't install the check valve, water pump outlet pipe of the water because of open valve, valve and pump stop suddenly changed, cause the sudden change of pipe flow rate, and per unit time the change of momentum, inevitably produce corresponding inertia force, causing rapid rise and sudden drop of the pipe inner pressure variations. The flow velocity and pressure change with time and location and phenomenon, called water hammer ( Or water hammer) 。 Water hammer is divided into start-up water hammer and close valve pump water hammer (water hammer and stop, Due to sudden power failure such as form) 。 The first two kinds of water hammer under the normal operating procedures, does not cause endanger the safety of the unit. The latter form of water hammer pressure value often large, thus caused the accident. One, the working condition of hydraulic turbine with the increase of reverse flow of water flow, water pump speed by zero and begin to reverse, and rapidly rising, at the same time, the rotation of the impeller of the centrifugal force of water followed, blocking effect to the reverse flow of water. This resistance increases with the acceleration of the impeller reverse, after making the pump pressure rising rapidly, at some point to achieve great value, its corresponding reverse rotation speed is at large. Increase in resistance at the same time, also increase resistance against the reverse flow of water flow, after reaching a big value, reduce gradually. Less effect on the impeller of energy, make the reverse speed decreases gradually, until the stable under the action of static head, the water flow in the impeller on the parts of the torque and turning resistance moment balance, the unit at a constant reverse flow rate and rotational speed under the condition of no load work like turbine, water hammer pressure disappear. This moment working condition of state called the working condition of the turbine. After 2 lose their motivation, working condition of water pump, water pump, water pump speed fell sharply, pumps and water because of its inertia and flow within the pipeline along the original direction, but the flow rate decrease rapidly, pressure drop, until the water stop forward flow, flow rate is zero. Are still forward at this moment, the water pump, water to flow ( From the pump to the direction of flow movement known as the outlet pond and a positive flow) , known as the water pump working condition. Three, braking mode in the transient static water bodies of water flow rate is zero, because of outlet pipe system the effect of static head, the water tube produced by the water piping system to pump flow of reverse flow, reverse flow, is still in the forward to play the role of a brake pump impeller, unit force of rotor speed accelerated decline, until the engine speed is zero. At this moment, due to the impeller is turned to upstream resistance, pump outlet pressure increased. The moment of the pump transient condition called braking condition. In the pump system, the characteristics of the pump is as starting end boundary conditions, now we analyze the pump export don't install the check valve, stop the pump when the accident, lose drive pump, pump discharge valve does not close in a timely manner, pipeline internal waters when backflow of water hammer process ( Or the hydraulic transition process) : therefore, to study the water hammer and the purpose of calculating water hammer are: a. To high water hammer pressure on pipes and unit damage when protective measures; b。 For low water hammer pressure cause do not allow the negative pressure in the pipe, and lead to damage to pipeline protection; c。 Prevent a reverse the damage phenomenon. At the same time, after the water pump pressure changes will be in the form of water hammer wave along the pipeline to pipe water systems are shot, again reflected by the water piping system, formed in the water pipe complex water hammer. So, to prevent water hammer, the water pump discharge line should be equipped with check valve, can choose waterproof hammer check valve.
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