Circulating pump motor power factor is what?

by:J&T     2020-06-26
Circulating water pump is slurry circulation, the desulfurization process, the factory sewage pump, circulating water pump have anti-corrosion type circulating pump and the common circulation water pump, basic use motors to drive running form, for the motor power, power factor, how origin, mean? The power factor ( 功率因数) Is a coefficient of measure electrical equipment efficiency. Its size is associated with the load characters of circuit, such as incandescent bulbs, such as resistance furnace resistance load power factor is 1, the general circuit with inductive load power factor is less than 1. Low power factor, reactive power, which reduces the equipment utilization rate, increase the line power loss. One, the power factor of the origin and meaning in the field of electric load has three basic varieties: resistors, capacitors, and inductors. Resistance is consumed power device, capacitance and inductance are stored power devices. Daily use of alternating current (ac) in the pure resistor load voltage and current are in phase, the phase difference q = 0 & deg; ; Load to alternating current (ac) on the basis of current voltage with different properties in the pure capacitance load on the relationship between voltage and current is the current leading voltage & 90 deg; ( q = 90° ) , alternating current (ac) in the pure inductance load on the relationship between voltage and current is the current hysteresis voltage & 90 deg; ( q = - 90° ) 。 Power factor is defined as: in a resistance load of active power is apparent power, namely the equal, so the power factor F = 1. In pure capacitance and inductance load current and voltage phase difference 90 & deg; So the power factor F = cosq = cos90 & deg; = 0, that is, on the pure capacitance and inductance load of the active power is zero. Can be seen from the above discussion, the power factor is the characterization of the load properties and the size of a parameter. And a load is said is only a kind of nature, like a person is only one id number. Determined from the input end of the load of this nature to see inside, known as the input power factor of load. Completed a load circuit, its input power factor is set. Such as UPS as the grid load or generator, such as the six pulse rectifier input of UPS, the input power factor is 0. 8, no matter what is in front of the mains grid or generator, such as requiring input 100 kva apparent power, all need the power forward for the active power of 80 kw and 60 kvar reactive power. If the UPS power input factor is 0. 6, you need the power for the forward 60 kw of active power and reactive power of 80 kvar. Like the output of the distribution, in front of the power supply is & other; No & throughout; A decision. Second, the characterization of the parameters of UPS output capability & ndash; — The load power factor 1. The load power factor was mistakenly called & other; The output power factor & throughout; UPS can't one-on-one manufacturing, also want to advance in advance according to the current in the form of electrical appliances and scale to create a batch or batches of different specifications of the machine, power factor and power for spot market sales. Create a batch or batches of UPS in advance according to the load power factor. When the load of UPS power factor and load equal to the input power factor, is called a match exactly, UPS can output all power. When you meet the mismatch load must be derating use. Shows the UPS load power factor and the relationship between input power factor of load. Some mistakenly called UPS the load power factor of the output of the UPS power factor. Source of this kind of misunderstanding about think UPS since have input power factor must be output power factor, so that UPS has the properties of two kinds, look from the input into it is a kind of nature, from the output in is another a kind of nature, misunderstanding the uniqueness of the nature of the circuit. Since this is the output of the UPS power factor, as mentioned above, if has the ability to output 100 kva UPS, so shall, under the condition of any load properties can be given power factor, points out the active power and reactive power. 2. Determine the factor of the load power factor as the load power factor is 0. 8 100 kva UPS in linear load, why don't give out 80 kw? General machine power frequency UPS of this kind of case is designed to choose according to the rated active power inverter, and part of the reactive power inverter at the back of the capacitor C. So in all the matching condition, the load power factor is 0. 8 100 kva UPS to 80 kw of active power and reactive power of 60 kvar all delivery to load. In UPS power factor of load complete match with the input power factor of load, the load on the power: 3. Harmful to UPS power factor of misunderstanding is due to some users will load power factor of mistaken for UPS & other; The output power factor & throughout; Wrong, not only the ownership, but also raises a concept does not exist. Since it is & other; The output of the UPS power factor & throughout; , then the output of the UPS power must obey the power by numerical, that is to say, & other; The power factor is 0. 8 100 kva UPS in linear load should also be given throughout the output power of 80 kw &; 。 If this kind of misunderstanding is only individual users, which leads to the contradiction between the user and supplier. But if it is setting the standard in the erroneous zone, harm is UPS manufacturers throughout the country.
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