Choose what kind of vacuum pump combination vacuum system? _

by:J&T     2020-05-26

with which a vacuum system is often used in vacuum pumps, we should according to the requirement of the vacuum system, and should be for this kind of pump performance parameters characteristics have a detailed understanding, after comparing the advantages and disadvantages of various kinds of pump, and then make a decision, for ease of selection of vacuum pump is used, is now China's production of various types of vacuum pump the general situation of induction to summarize, a brief comparison of their characteristics, and advantages and disadvantages, let's learn together.

1, the water ring vacuum pump

water ring vacuum pump vacuum limit is 2000 ~ 4000 pa, inspiratory capacity in 1500 ~ 8330 l/min, it is also divided into stainless steel and grade wood, its batteries are widely used in electronics, chemicals, plastics, paper, packaging and printing press, CNC machining center, PCB industries, as a result of water ring vacuum pumps, gas compression is isothermal, therefore, can smoke in addition to flammable, explosive gas, it also can smoke in addition to the dust, water, gas.

2, oil seal, mechanical pump

now the production of 2 x are two stage rotary vane pump, pumping speed of 0. 5 ~ 150 liters per second, with a full range of products. Plunger pump single stage ( H) And two stage ( 2 h) 。 The pumping speed: H for 8 ~ 600 litres per second; 2 h is 8 ~ 70 liters per second. Also has series products. Yu cycloidal pump pumping speed can be very big, small volume, is now on trial production. This kind of pump is used to get the low vacuum, before making a high vacuum water pump or pump and drainage pump. With a gas ballast device I can smoke in addition to damp empty. But the ultimate vacuum than dry air ( Don't have to town) The low - An order of magnitude. The pumping speed refers to the inlet pressure of the pump in 760 when the pumping speed, when the system pressure drop pumping speed also fell, until close to the limit of vacuum pump, pumping speed is close to zero. The pump pressure coefficient has certain rules.

3, screw vacuum pump energy consumption of the vacuum pump of vacuum technology energy saving about 50% than others. Within a certain range of extraction ability, GHS VSD + series is the highest oil lubrication screw vacuum pump in the energy efficiency. Pumping speed> 300 cubic meters/hour to 5004 cubic meters/hour, extreme pressure in 0. 35 bar to 1 bar, wide application, now many factories adopt atlas screw vacuum pump vacuum system reform.

4, mechanical booster pump ( Roots pump)

work pressure range, 10 ~ 5 x10 4, the commonly used range, 2 ~ 5 x10 3, pumping speed range of 150 ~ 2000 liters per second, our country has successful series products. The biggest pump pumping speed in 2 ~ 10 - 2 between, need backing pump, not directly to the air vent. Ultimate vacuum change with backing pump. Compared with the oil water pump, wide working pressure, the maximum exhaust pressure is higher, Oil pump 10 ~ 30, booster pump 1 ~ 2) , rarely reflux oil steam, steam ejector with it contains water and non-condensable gas when more appropriate.

5, oil booster pump working pressure range of 1 ~ 1 x10 4, commonly used in the range is 0. x10 - 1 ~ 1 2, pumping speed range 200 ~ 40000 liters per second, makes up for the mechanical pump, diffusion pump in the pressure range of pumping speed of small defects. Of inert gas and other gases have the same pumping speed.

6, oil diffusion pump oil diffusion pump working pressure range of 10 - 2 ~ 5 x10 - 7, 10 - common range ~ 5 8 x10 - 6, pumping speed range from 20 to 100000 liters per second, metal, glass structure of diffusion pump into series production. Ultra high vacuum oil diffusion pump pressure limit is about 10 - 10, in addition to the structure and the ordinary oil diffusion pump is slightly a little difference, mainly operating fluid is different, different structural material, which USES 275 silicone fluid, such as pump structure material with stainless steel. New design of ultra high vacuum pump difference is bigger.

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