Choose the method of import vacuum pumps _

by:J&T     2020-05-16

import the function of the vacuum pump is pumping gas molecules in the vacuum chamber, reduce the gas pressure of vacuum chamber, make it meet the requirements of vacuum degree. Generally speaking from the atmosphere to the extremely high vacuum has a large range, so far has not been a vacuum system can cover the scope. Therefore, in order to reach the technical index of different products, the efficiency and the working life of the equipment requirements, different vacuum sections need to choose a different vacuum system configuration. To achieve the best configuration, select the vacuum system, should consider the following the choose and buy of import vacuum pumps and ratio of each point, determine the scope of the work of vacuum.

the first to be sure to check each process standard vacuum degree. Because each process has its adaptive vacuum range, it is important to research confirmed by heart. Clear ultimate vacuum in the vacuum degree of technology standard on the basis of checking import limiting vacuum of vacuum pump system, due to the ultimate vacuum system of the vacuum system of the best work.

usually, limiting vacuum system of 20% lower than the system of vacuum degree, 50% lower than the ultimate vacuum pump before. Is pumped gas species and swept volume check to make sure the process requirement types and swept volume of extraction.

as if being pumped gas species react with liquid in the pump, pump system will be contaminated. At the same time, be sure to consider suitable exhaust time and extraction of gas in the process of quantity. Vacuum volume check the time required to meet the requirements of vacuum, vacuum pipe flow resistance and leakage. Consider meet the requirements after vacuum under the certain condition of process was to maintain the vacuum extraction rate.

using imported vacuum water pump vacuum drying oven and vacuum concentration meter standard is high, so must pay attention to when picking import vacuum pumps to pick vacuum degree is high, the extraction efficiency of large import vacuum pumps, such as rotary vane vacuum pump can meet requirements; And the suction filter, the rotary evaporation apparatus required vacuum degree and extraction efficiency is relatively low, so can choose the general vacuum pump can, such as diaphragm pump and circulating water vacuum pump can be.

the diaphragm vacuum pump according to the different levels of the gas processing can be divided into primary pump and secondary pump, level 3 and level 4 water pump, when the primary pump the gas through a compression processing and can reach the effect of extraction pressure, low level of vacuum pump, but swept volume level 4 water pump is for gas compression after four times to solve and can reach the effect of extraction pressure, level 4 pump technology standard is higher, but highest level 4 pump vacuum extraction efficiency is small, the domestic diaphragm do secondary, most foreign highest level 4, so the higher vacuum degree, extraction rate, the greater the price is more expensive, so choosing import vacuum pumps must choose according to actual situation.

import vacuum pumps because of simple structure, the factory adjust installed, when customers goods can properly use according to the instructions, do not need the door installation. If there is any problem can call guidance, solve the difficult.

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