Choose the main points of the vacuum pump vacuum pump system, remember! _

by:J&T     2020-06-28

vacuum pump from the gas molecules are in addition to the effect of vacuum chamber of pumping air into vacuum state, in order to reduce it is gas pressure of vacuum chamber, in order to achieve the required degree of vacuum. Broadly from high vacuum atmosphere with large range, so far there are no a vacuum system can cover the scope. Therefore, in order to realize the process of different products indicators, and working efficiency of the working life of the equipment requirements, different vacuum part need to choose different configuration of vacuum system. In order to get the best structure, the vacuum pump system is chosen, there are the following points should be considered.

1, determine the scope of the work in a vacuum

it first checks to determine the degree of vacuum of the requirements of each process. Because each process has its own vacuum range, must study carefully, to make sure.

2, determine the ultimate vacuum

in the vacuum degree of vacuum exhaust system by the process need to examine certain restrictions on the basis of vacuum degree, because the system is the best vacuum eventually determine the vacuum system work.

in general, the limit of the system than operating system, vacuum degree of vacuum low 20%, 50% lower than the limit degree of vacuum pump before.

3, choose the main vacuum water pump

S = 2. 303v / TLOG( P1 / P2) 。

among them: S is vacuum pumping speed, v is a vacuum chamber, the volume of t to achieve the required degree of vacuum, the time needed for p1 as initial pressure, P2 is necessary for the vacuum degree.

4, vacuum volume

check the time in order to achieve the required vacuum level, the leakage of the vacuum line flow resistance.

considering demand, in order to achieve the vacuum degree necessary for the vacuum exhaust speed, according to the technological requirements to maintain a certain conditions.

5, exhaust the type and quantity of pumping

check the type and amount of exhaust by suction process requirements. Because the reaction occurs, if the liquid pump vacuum pump system and the types of the gas will be contaminated. At the same time, the gas must be considered to determine in the pumping process by the appropriate amount of time to waste.

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