Choose the advantage of dry vacuum pump __

by:J&T     2020-05-16

the performance of dry vacuum pump is the most obvious is not taking water as medium. Compared with the traditional vacuum equipment, it can effectively save water, reduce energy consumption of the enterprise, make enterprise production more environmentally friendly, improve the production and development capacity of enterprises. At the same time, under the sustainable development advantage of the power, dry pump performance fully embodies the advantages of its own. Increase the importance of the product application and development ability, meet the needs of enterprise production, constantly improving the capacity of technical advantage, can effectively improve the production ability.

with the improvement of the overall level of the dry vacuum water pump, speed up the production ability, enhance the strength of all aspects of the application, according to the domestic industry situation, increased the product development investment, actively learning all aspects of the advanced technology, improve the product quality. He has the ability of self-development, which reflects the performance of dry pump. Dry vacuum pump is the trend of the future industrial development. Though with much now, but in addition to the price is high, and some users do not know the location of the vacuum pump. They can't see the future brings to the enterprise's economic benefit. This paper introduces how to optimize the selection of dry vacuum pump.

for these different types of dry vacuum pump, we want to reduce their physical size. But this conflicts with the pumping speed of vacuum pump, because the pumping speed of vacuum pump and vacuum water pump is directly proportional to the volume of small physical size means small volume. , of course, there is another important factors affecting vacuum pump speed, the speed. In order to make the small vacuum pump, pumping speed and large pumping speed of vacuum pump matching, must raise its speed. There are two ways to change the rotating speed of vacuum pump, one is the change of frequency of power supply, which USES frequency converter; Another is to change the transmission ratio of gear box. Among them, the advantages of using frequency converter can be provide closed loop control, but easy to cause the torque loss when overloaded. And the change of transmission ratio is a very economical way, of course it can only provide single speed of uncontrollable.

now, we can see that the dry vacuum pump has a lot of different designs, each design has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. The cost has been influence people choose vacuum pump is an important factor. More and more vacuum pump users recognize that the stability of the vacuum pump operation should also be taken into consideration. An unexpected error because of the vacuum pump can reduce machine efficiency and affect the production and transmission of the chip, and even cause processing chip of scrap and machine damage to other components. Due to the screw design for single stage design, and circular split type, claw type and combined type multistage pump, compared to reduce the dosage of 60% of the parts. This makes it in the future stability and has great advantage on the maintenance costs. Oil-free vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pump, small dry vacuum pump, vacuum pump, mini vacuum pump, screw vacuum pump, etc. , products need to know more, can look up to the club's official website.

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