Choose and use vacuum pump oil from time to tome what considerations -

by:J&T     2020-05-16

choose and use the vacuum pump oil from time to tome what matters needing attention, let's look at today.

1。 Oil window must be clean, it is strictly prohibited in the sun exposure in the open air, and stored in a dark, dry and ventilated place, prevent water and dust entering.

2。 Oil or oil loading, it must be cleared barrel around the light rain, to prevent impurities mixed with oil, pump wear.

3。 The vacuum pump oil won't mix of different brands, variety, new and old oil won't mix.

4。 Strictly avoid the vacuum oil mixed with other lubricating oil, and even less with light oil. Will affect the vacuum performance.

5。 Avoid pumping vacuum pump solvent, water vapor and corrosive gas, etc. Regular inspection, must be used in an oil change on a regular basis.

6。 Oil change, it shall discharge the waste oil in the pump body, after the injection of new oil, turn the water pump shaft should be slow, the pump cavity cleaning, get rid of residual oil, cleaning should be repeated several times, a new oil should be replaced after cleaning.

7。 maintenance must use solvent or detergent clean all parts of the pump, and dry parts.

8。 Refueling tools must be special equipment, should not be containers of oil or other solvents. .

9。 When mineral oil and ester exchange, oil or other synthetic oil should be thoroughly clean remove the pump. Includes all parts must be immersed in the ester oil to prevent pollution.

10。 Exposure to chemicals and solvents, the influence of vacuum pump oil pollution, must be cleaned in the oil processing.

11。 Oil change cycle: when the vacuum pump oil drop, cannot satisfy the demand; When the pump oil into black and brown, should be replaced.

overall, like cars, vacuum pump in use process also needs to be maintained. Mineral oil have different life and synthetic effect. Select the correct vacuum pump oil, to avoid vacuum pump oil caused by inappropriate use of abnormal use of the equipment.

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