Chemical pump with motor wiring formula would you

by:J&T     2020-06-17
Motor as the convenient electric machinery is essential to apply mechanical parts, chemical water pump with the motor is very common, many different kinds of motor, power supply voltage requirements are different, such as wiring is very strict, a slight mistake can cause accidents, so how do motor wiring, have no way to solve in different occasions and install the appropriate wiring? Wiring formula is simple and practical, to help you solve this trouble. The motor wiring formula: 1. Five plus two, 2. After four plus five plus three, four, six plus six, and five after 25, 50 after increasing minus five, 102 conductor, the best number. The formula is equipped with wire directly based on the three-phase 380 v ac motor capacity. A, & other 1. Five plus two & throughout; According to 1. 5 was the copper plastic wire, can match 3. 5 kw and the following motor. Due to the 4 kw motor close to 3. Selection of 5 kw use scope, and the formula has certain allowance, so the quick table 4 kw motor under the selected wire is 1. 5mm2。 Second, & other; 2. Five plus three & throughout; 、“ After four plus four & throughout; , say 2. Was 5 and 4 was the copper plastic wire can match 5 respectively. 5 kw, 8 kw motor. Three, & other After six plus six & throughout; , it is said that from the beginning of the 6 was, can match & other; Increase the six & throughout; KW motor. That can match of 6 was 12 kw, choose similar specification with 11 kw motor. 10 was 16 kw, choose similar specification with 15 kw motor. 16 was 22 kw motor can match. That there are 18. 5 kw motor, also copper plastic line 16 was chosen. Four, & other; After 25 plus five & throughout; , it is said from 25 was addend from six to five. 25 was 30 kw electric motor can match. 35 was can match 40 kw, choose similar specification which with 37 kw motor. Five, & other Increasing after 50 minus five & throughout; , is said from the beginning of the 50 was, by increasing become reduced, and reduce is increasing step by step five. The 50 was 45 kw motor (can be produced 50 - 5) 。 70 was can match 60 kw ( 70 - 10) , choose a similar specification is equipped with 55 kw electric motor. 95 was can match 80 kw ( 95 - 15) With 75 kw motor, choose a similar specifications. Six, & other 102 conductor, the best number & throughout; , it is said that 120 was the copper plastic wire can match 100 kw motor, which is 90 kw motor phase selection specifications.
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