Chemical pump valve installation and use points is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-26
Chemical water pump used in chemical manufacturer for liquid transport is very frequent, use is also common for pipeline valves, valve type, shape has a lot of, in the process of installation should pay attention to what, how to install? One, the first is the direction and position, many directional valve, cut-off valve, throttle valve, relief valve, check valve, etc. , if the flip back, meeting effect use effect and service life ( Such as throttle valve) Or simply doesn't work ( Such as pressure reducing valve) And even dangerous, Such as check valve) 。 General valve, direction marks on the body. One thousand no, should according to the working principle of the valve, the correct recognition. Around the globe valve valve chamber asymmetry, fluid for it is through the valve at the bottom of the mouth, so fluid resistance small, Determined by the shape) And open the energy ( Because of the medium pressure up) , close the pressure medium after packing, easy to repair, that is why stop valve is Ann's. Other valves also have their own features. Don't flip (gate The handwheel down) , otherwise, it will make the medium to long term retained in the valve cap space, easy to corrosion stem, and taboo by some technical requirements. Replacement of packing at the same time is extremely convenient. Rising stem gate valves, do not install in the ground, or corrosion due to damp the leakage of the valve stem. Lift check valve, to ensure the installation disc vertical, in order to lift flexible. Swing check valves can be installed, to ensure that when the pin level, flexible to swing. Relief valve to vertical installed in horizontal pipe runs, all directions don't tilt. Second, the position of the valve installation must be convenient in operation; Even if installing temporary difficulties, also want to work for long. The valve handwheel and chest even up ( General from the operating floor 1. 2 meters) So that the open and close the valve more ShengJin. On landing valve handwheel to face, do not tilt, so as to avoid operating at odds. Machine valve by the equipment against the wall, also want to allow operators to stand. To avoid face upwards operation, especially in the acid and alkali, toxic medium and so on, it's not safe. Three, the valve installation steps: the impact of avoid by all means brittle materials of the valve. 1, before installation to check whether all models and specifications of the valve, the packing are in good condition, the regulation of gland bolts have enough allowance, and to check whether the spirit of the stem and disc, presence of jam and askew phenomenon. 2, the valve lifting, don't fastened on the hand wheel or valve stem, in order to avoid damage to these parts, should wear on the flange; For the connected line of the valve, must be clean. 3, install screw valve, sealing packing (should be Cotton and ramie thread woven alcan oil or ptfe teflon tape) On pipe threads, package, don't get into the valve, in order to avoid the memory product, medium circulation. Installing a flanged valves, pay attention to the symmetrical evenly to bolt. The valve flange and pipe flanges must be parallel, clearance is reasonable, in order to avoid too much pressure valve, and even cracking. For brittle material and the valves of strength is not high, especially pay attention to. Valves and pipe welding, should first spot welding, will close a full open again, and then welding die. 4, some valves, in addition to the necessary protection facilities, also have a bypass and instrument. Install a bypass. Easy to trap maintenance. Other valves, and install bypass. Depends on whether to install the bypass, the valve condition, importance and the requirements of the production. Four, inventory valve, some packing has not make, some do not tally with the working medium, it is need to change packing; But when using, must make the packing in the medium. When change the packing, should pressure into the round. Each lap joint with 45 degrees of advisable, circle and circle by 180 degrees. Packing height to consider gland continue to pressure, the present and let gland packing chamber bottom pressure appropriate depth, the depth is generally 10 - for packing chamber total depth 20%. For the high requirements of the valve and joint Angle of 30 degrees. 120 degrees between ring and ring joints staggered. In addition to the above packing, can also according to the specific situation, USES the rubber o-ring ( Natural rubber resistant to 60 degrees Celsius under weak base, nitrile butadiene rubber oil resistant to 80 degrees Celsius below crystal, fluorine rubber resistance to a variety of corrosive medium under 150 degrees Celsius) The three fold type teflon ring ( Resistance to strong corrosive medium under 200 degrees Celsius) Nylon bowl ring ( 120 c ammonia, alkali resistant) Such as forming filler. Outside the ordinary asbestos packing, pack a layer of ptfe teflon tape, can improve the sealing effect, reduce the electrochemical corrosion of the stem. When pressure dressing, should turn the valve stem, at the same time to maintain uniform around, and to prevent too dead, tighten gland to forcibly even, not tilt. Five, some valve must also have external protection, this is heat and cold. In the thermal insulation layer sometimes add mix hot steam pipe. What kind of valve should be warm or cold, should according to production requirement. All medium to reduce the temperature in the valve too much, it will affect production efficiency or freezing the valve and will need to heat preservation, even mixing hot; Every valve bare, adverse to the production or cause the bad phenomena such as frost, you need to cold. Insulation materials with asbestos, slag cotton, glass cotton, perlite, diatomite, vermiculite, etc; Cold insulation material with cork, perlite, foam, plastic, etc
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