Chemical pump valve flow curve characteristics analysis

by:J&T     2020-06-20
Industrial production, a lot of using chemical pumps and valves, water pump valve flow characteristics, is on both ends of the valve differential pressure under the condition of constant, the medium flows through the regulator of the relationship between relative flow and its opening. Flow characteristic of regulating valve is an important technical index and parameters. In the process of regulator is used to make the right selection is very important significance. Valve flow characteristics can be defined as: relative flow, accused of medium flow through the valve and valve is relative, Relative displacement) The relationship between known as regulator flow characteristic. In general can be divided into straight line, such as percentage ( Logarithmic) , parabolic and quick opening four! Description and advantages as follows: 1, the parabola change refers to the unit of the opening of the relative characteristics of the changes caused by the relative flow at the point of relative flow rate value is directly proportional to the square root of the relationship. Flow according to the schedule of two proportional changes, generally with linear and percentage in the middle of the properties, etc. 2, quick opening flow characteristic refers to the opening is small have larger flow, with the increase of the opening, the flow will soon be able to achieve, then add the opening, the flow rate change is very small, it is called the quick opening characteristics. 3, linear feature refers to the relative flow valve and a linear relationship with relative opening degree, namely unit opening changes caused by the discharge time constant. Linear characteristic of relative stroke and the relative flow into a linear relationship. Unit trip caused by the changes in the flow rate change is constant. Large flow, the flow relative changes little, traffic hours, flow relative change is big. 4, percentage and other features, Logarithmic) Refers to the unit of opening changes relative flow rate is proportional to the point of relative flow change, the regulator of amplification coefficient is variable, it along with the relative flow rate increases. Percentage characteristics such as relative trip and no linear relationship between relative flow in the process of every point unit running change caused by the flow of change is proportional to the flow of this point, the percentage of the flow rate change is equal. So it has the advantage of traffic hours, changing flow is small, large flow, the flow rate change is big, is also on the different opening, has the same accuracy. Diaphragm valve flow characteristics close to the quick opening feature, butterfly valve flow characteristics close to the percentage of the characteristics of flow characteristics of the valve is linear features, ball valves for the linear flow characteristic in the opening and closing of the stage, when the opening in the middle of the percentage of such properties. In general, ball valve and butterfly valve usually do not be adjust, if done adjust, is also in the case of opening a small matter to adjust action, generally can be classified into open type, and the majority of real for regulating is basically cut-off valve, the valve head is processed into such as parabolic conical, spherical, etc. , with the curve of different features, in general as adjustment, basically percentage of more features.
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