Chemical pump, valve flange connection standard and design do you know?

by:J&T     2020-06-21
Chemical water pump has been widely used in chemical, chemical water pump valve flange type is very much also, here are the valve flange design standard and the connection have? 化工泵阀门法兰设计标准:一、截止阀标准:BS 1873 钢制截止阀和截止止回阀GB/T 12235 法兰和对焊连接钢制截止阀和截止止回阀DIN 3356 截止阀 HELL SPE 77/103 按BS1873钢制截止阀二、止回阀标准:SHELL SPE 77/104 按BS1868钢制止回阀BS 1868 钢制止回阀API 594 对夹和双法兰止回阀GB/T 12236 钢制旋启式止回阀三、闸阀标准:DIN 3352 闸阀 GB/T 12234 法兰和对焊连接钢制闸阀SHELL SPE 77/103 按ISO10434钢制闸阀API 600/ISO 10434 石油、天然气螺栓连接钢制闸阀BS 1414 石油、石化及炼油工业钢制闸阀API 603 150LB耐蚀法兰端铸造闸阀四、球阀标准:BS 5351 钢制球阀GB/T 12237 法兰和对焊连接钢制球阀DIN 3357 球阀 API 6D/ISO 14313 管线阀门API 608 法兰、螺纹和对焊端钢制球阀ISO 17292 石油、石化及炼油工业钢制球阀SHELL SPE 77/100 按BS5351球阀SHELL SPE 77/130 按ISO14313法兰端和对焊端球阀五、蝶阀标准:MSS SP- 67 butterfly valve SHELL 77/106 by API608 SPE/EN593 / MSS SP67 soft sealing butterfly valve SHELL 77/134 by API608 SPE/EN593 / MSS SP67 / MSS - SP - 68 eccentric butterfly valve ISO 17292 68 high-pressure eccentric butterfly valve oil, petrochemical and refining industries of steel ball valve with API 609 wafer, lug and double flanged butterfly valve flange of GB/T 12238 and JB/T 8527 connected to the clamp butterfly valve metal sealing butterfly valve, forged steel valve standard: API 602 flange end, threaded and welding end and extended body end connection pool type gate valves BS 5352 / ISO15761 50 mm and below steel gate valve, globe valve and check valve SHELL SPE 77/101 by ISO15761 steel gate valve, globe valve and check valve, cryogenic valve standard seven: SHELL SPE 0 ~ - 77/209 50 ℃ BS 6364 cryogenic valves valve SHELL SPE - 77/200 50 ℃ below the valve API, DIN, BS, GB structure comparison: API 600 and BS1414, BS1873, BS1868, BS5351 provisions about the structure of the valve is the most detailed DIN gate valve standard EN1984 do not make specific provision on the structure of the new standard of GB/T12234 based on API600 equivalent by eight, the valve end connection standard MSS - SP - 44 steel pipe flange API 605 compact flange ASME B16. 25 butt end ASME B16. 11 socket and forging fittings threaded end of ASME B36. 10 welded and seamless steel tube ASME B16. The length of the ASME B16 10 valve's structure. Five steel flanges and flanged fittings of ASME B16. 47 large diameter steel flange, flange nine comparison: BS standard flange with the BS 1560 CLASS ASME B16. 5 the flange is consistent, also can use BS 4504 PN flange. API standard generally adopt RF, RTJ flange; DIN standards and GB general pressure & lt; PN40 when using RF flange, & ge; PN40 generally USES concave flange. Original DIN standard flange using DIN2501 ( PN flange) The EN1092 -, the new version of the DIN standards 1 PN flange, but can also contain the CLASS flange. DIN2501 flange with GB flange and flange HG European systems are basically identical. DN15 ~ 50 PN10 ~ 40 different pressure at the same flange.
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