Chemical pump valve and pipeline equipment door anti-freezing measures are introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-17
With the coming of winter, the temperature is gradually reduced, chemical machinery and equipment mostly outside, the temperature is too low, to influence the use of the chemical pump operation also chemical pump is mainly a liquid delivery, protective equipment for chemical pump valve and pipe is also important, outside air temperature is too low, a little careless may cause damage to chemical water pump operation, the following winter valves and piping anti-freezing measures have? A, chemical water pump with valve antifreeze condensate 1, all kinds of medium iron valves must maintain a heat preservation heat preservation and integrity, high outlet valves must have the insulation or anti-freezing facilities. 2, found congelation occurs, the valve will slowly heating the body with warm water, make its melt, and then to switch operation, it is forbidden to sell hard pull. In fluid handling equipment, pipeline, must handle with the valve. Second, the chemical water pump pipe of antifreeze condensate 1, keep the medium in the pipeline flow state, continuous use of pipeline, during low temperature and cold should be taken to maintain constant flow or temporary heating measures such as; Water system low exhaust valve to drain during the low temperature and cold snap, ensure the coagulation. During the period of low temperature and cold snap, in case of sudden water, water, should be dealt with quickly the pipe or temporary heating measures. 2, every heating pipes, must remain with hotline open, at the corner or appendix pipe, often should guide or row set. For condensate pipes, each workshop check clear time, strengthen the inspection, the condensation prevention work included in the inspection content. 3, discontinued or stop using the line for a long time, should be thoroughly clean after discontinuation, and checkpoints, to ensure the running of the pipeline medium into stopping the line, and make records. To temporarily disable easily frozen condensate pipeline, should be appropriately increased with steam hotline, to ensure that the pipeline within the medium is not clot. Of unused water head, low emptying valve, such as during cooling, to do a break, the amount to the principle of not setting and the insulation of the valve. 4, stop using the tower, container, cold in equipment must be cut off the import and export, put a net and equipment within the liquid, open the vent valve and the low setting. Special attention should be paid to elevation above the main valve to the main line of the valve before and after the liquid line net.
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