Chemical pump stainless steel flange type standard is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-22
Chemical material such as stainless steel 304316316 L stainless steel pump manufacturing of chemical pumps, stainless steel pump commonly points: stainless steel centrifugal pump, stainless steel magnetic pump. In the use of stainless steel water pump installation is a supporting tube and valve, users tend to use steel pipe and steel flange, flange type has a lot of, how connection or installation of equipment should we choose? Chemical stainless steel pump equipment flange type introduces below standard: one, the flange of the commonly used basic type summary socket welding flange - 西南; Threaded flange - Th; Butt welding loose flange ring - PJ/SE; Plate flat welding flange - PL; With flat welding neck flange - SO; With butt welding neck flange - WN; Flat welding loose flange ring - PJ/RJ; Butt welding loose flange ring - LF/SE; Flange cover - BL flange type 1, 2, steel plate, flat welding flange - PL usually also called Flat Flange plate Flat Welding Flange or Flat Welding Flange, also known as lap Welding Flange, English for: Flat Welding Flange. Usage in engineering, also is a kind of flange of flange type of low cost. Flat welding flange pressure can be divided into: PN2. 5Bar、PN6Bar、PN10Bar、PN16Bar、PN25Bar、PN40Bar等( GB/T9119 - additionally 2010 standard of flat welding flange pressure and increased two kinds: PN63Bar, PN100Bar) , JIS standard is 5 k, 10 k. 2, flat welding flange - PJ/RJ similar this type flange with 6 kinds of flange, are just the flanging part change to flat ring, is consistent. 3, threaded flange Th the THREADED connection FLANGE is one of the welded metal flanges flanges, you just need to screw corresponding connection, convenient operation, English name is: THREADED FLANGE. But the general condition is not recommended to demand higher occasion, because this kind of flange is suitable for the working condition is not high pressure is not high. 4, flange cover BL also called blind flange plate, role similar to cap and head, but is different with them, because the other two are welded shut, flange cover is to use bolt and the flange is connected, or valves to be active, line continuation can open late. English name: BLIND FLANGE. 5, with flat welding neck flange SO with flat welding neck flange welding and use similar to the plate flat welding flange, but superior to the welding cold, because the back is much more a neck SO pressure strength and strength has increased a lot, English name: Slip - On Flange。 6, socket welding flange - SW SOCKET welding FLANGE with flat welding neck FLANGE is similar, but the difference with it, mainly is the inner part one more small step, welding inside the pipe pile to the steps, generally used in small diameter pipe, generally small butt welding FLANGE specifications welding difficult, with flat welding neck FLANGE and welding two welding seam, solved SOCKET welding, English name: SOCKET WELD FLANGE. Butt welding neck flange - 7, belt WN with butt WELDING methods used by butt WELDING NECK FLANGE and pipe WELDING, applications are relatively high, pressure and high wear resistance strength, generally high-risk inflammable and explosive conditions such as using more, English name: WELDING NECK FLANGE. Loose flange - 8, butt welding ring PJ/SE LF/SE why will introduce two kinds of FLANGE together, because both the name of the FLANGE is welded RING FLANGE, using occasions are basically the same, to distinguish is a European system is a system of America, English name is FLAT WELDING WELDING RING LOOSE GLANGE and LAP to be FLANGE. Two kinds is seven kinds of flat welding flange, one kind is with flat welding neck flange. Role is used under the condition of one end of the pipe is fixed, because the flange can activity, so greatly improve the construction time.
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