Chemical pump shaft power and motor power is the same thing?

by:J&T     2020-06-26
Chemical pump is commonly used in industrial production of transportation equipment, chemical pump type many, mostly use the motor drives the pump shaft, finish delivery, so the water pump shaft power of the chemical pump and motor power have to differ? Between the supporting power of the pump shaft power also has the difference, it it is bigger than the shaft power main pump and engine matching unit, must have a transmission device, the middle part and its operation will consume power. In addition, in order to ensure the safe operation of the unit, to prevent the engine load, the necessary power to leave room, so, consider a backup safety coefficient K, K = 1. 5 - 2, generally speaking, the pump shaft power is small, the larger values of K, Shaft power, take small K values. 1, power in unit time, the size of the machine work done is called power. Often said with a symbol N. Customary units are: kg m/s, kw, horsepower. Usually the power unit of the motor using the kw; Expressed in horsepower diesel or gasoline engine power unit. Engine power to the water pump shaft, called the shaft power, can be understood as the input power of the pump, pump power is often referred to as the shaft power. 2, the power of the motor, should according to the production of mechanical power it needs to choose and make motor running under the rated load. Will appear & other; A small cart & throughout; Even the motor was burned down. Will appear & other; Big mara car & throughout; The output mechanical power cannot be fully used, the power factor and efficiency is not high, not only bad for users and power grids. But also will cause the waste of electric power. 3, to correctly choose the power of the motor, must go through the following calculation or comparison: P = F * V / 1000 ( P = computing power KW, required tension N, F = work machine speed M/S) Continuous work for a constant load, can press type calculation of the motor power: P1 ( 千瓦) : P = P/n1n2 n1 in the machinery for production efficiency; N2 for the efficiency of the motor, the transmission efficiency. According to the type and the power of P1, not necessarily the same as the product of power. The selected the rated power of the motor should be equal to or slightly greater than computing power. In addition, the analogy method is commonly used to select the power of the motor. The so-called analogy method. Is compared with similar production machinery used the power of the motor. 4, the flow of water pump, also known as carrying capacity, it refers to the pump of water quantity in unit time. To symbol Q, the unit to l/s, cubic meters per second, m3 / h. 5, the height of the head is refers to the water pump to pumping, usually expressed by symbol H, the unit is m. Centrifugal pump lift with the center line of the impeller as a benchmark, consists of two parts. From the center line of the pump impeller to the vertical height of the water surface, the height of the water pump to suck up the water, is called a suction head, hereinafter referred to as suction; From the center line of the pump impeller to the height, the vertical surface of the pool that can pump up to the height of the water pressure, called water head pressure, pressure range for short. Of pump head = water head pressure water head it should be pointed out that lift nameplate marking refers to the pump itself can produce lift, it does not contain water pipe head loss caused by friction. When choosing pumps, attention should not be neglected. Otherwise, can't will spring up. 6, because of the bearing and packing friction resistance; The impeller rotating friction with water; The reflux water pump, the flow of the vortex in clearance, in and out of the impact, mouth and other reasons. Will be consumed part of power, so the water pump is not possible to completely into effective power engine input power, which have a power loss, that is to say, the sum of the losses in the effective power and pump power of the pump for the pump shaft power. 7, actually should be consider torque ( Torque) , motor power and torque is a formula to calculate. T = 9550 P/n type: P & ndash; Power, kW; n - The rated speed of the motor, r/min; T — Torque, Nm. The output torque of the motor must be greater than the mechanical torque needed to work, usually need a safety factor. Particular way is: to understand the unit or other units near similar production machinery use more high power motor, then choose close to the power of motor for commissioning. The purpose of test is to validate the selected motor mechanical match with production. Validation of the method is: make the motor driving mechanical operation of the production, the working current of the motor is measured with clip-on ammeter, the measured current and comparing the marked rated current of the motor nameplate. If electric work, the working current and the inscription of the spleen of rated current fluctuation were similar, indicates the selected motor power. If the motor's actual working current is about 70% lower than the rated current of the marked on the nameplate, suggests that the motor power to choose too large, should change the smaller power of motor. If the measured motor working current is larger than the marked brand of the rated current of more than 40%, suggests that the motor power to choose too small, should change the power of the larger motor.
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