Chemical pump, screw pump accurate analytical knowledge

by:J&T     2020-06-18
Chemical pump are common in the application of chemical manufacturers, there are many kinds of chemical pump, screw pump is a kind of chemical pump, screw pump material generally have a cast iron material and stainless steel material, cast iron material screw pump generally conveying sewage, sludge, turbid liquid. Stainless steel screw pump has certain corrosion resistance, not only can conveying sewage transportation acid, alkali etc. With corrosive liquid. Screw pump types with single screw pump, double screw pump, screw pump, etc. Single screw water pump: single screw meshing rotation in the water pump body of the internal thread slot of pump; Medium from the screw end suction, on the other side. Double screw pump: by two screw meshing transmission liquid pump; Screw medium from the suction and discharge from the center. Screw pump, composed of multiple screw pitch conveying liquid pump. A screw pump, chemical drive and the structure of the screw pump drive way more, in accordance with the pump shaft location points: horizontal pumps, vertical pumps, generally have low speed motor straight league ( 6, 8) , driven gear reduction motor, stepless variable speed motor drive, etc. Transmission coupling can be used directly, or use speed regulating motor, v-belts, transmission device speed, etc. Second, the chemical principle of screw pump is introduced by turning meshing volumetric principle of screw pump works, a new type of pump is its main working parts of eccentric screw ( Rotor) And fixed bushings ( The stator) 。 Due to the special shape of the stator and rotor, respectively form a single seal cavity, medium was uniform in axial flow, internal flow rate is low, volume is kept constant, the pressure is stable, so that it can't be produce eddy current and agitation. In addition, the screw pump stator mix of a variety of elastic material is made, in high viscosity fluid, containing hard suspended particles of medium or medium containing fiber transmission, has obvious advantages compared with common kinds of pump, so the screw pump is widely used in sand producing Wells and heavy oil Wells. Three, the working principle of the screw pump when the motor drives the pump shaft rotation, screw around the axis of rotation itself on the one hand, on the other hand it along the bushing inside surface rolling, then form the pump seal chamber. Screw each week, liquid sealed cavity forward a pitch, with continuous rotation of the screw, the liquid from a seal chamber pressure in spiral way to another seal cavity, pump body is squeezed.
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