Chemical pump pressure water tank decompression partition rules requirements and matters needing attention

by:J&T     2020-06-26
Has been widely used chemical water pump installation, the valve is a common part of the type of valve performance there are different, what are the reduced pressure tank installation requirements for pressure reducing valve. By using water tank decompression partition what rules should be operator, when need to pay attention to what issues? 1, the pressure water tank inlet pipe should be set against the impact and the technical measures of water, and appropriate emergency shut down valve on the inlet pipe set, the overflow water back into the fire pool. 2, reduced pressure tank volume should not be less than 18 m & sup3; , and should be divided into two; Reduced pressure tank should have two inlet and outlet pipe, and each of the inlet and outlet pipe should be required to meet the fire water system of fire fighting water requirements; 3, reduced pressure tank water level control of pressure pipe should be reliable, appropriate USES water level control valve; 4, effective volume of reduced pressure tank, water, drainage, water level and set the scene, 5, and the arrangement of the reduced pressure tank and vent, breathing tube, etc.
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