Chemical pump needs to be maintained, how to maintain?

by:J&T     2020-06-20
Chemical pump is commonly used in industrial production of liquid pump equipment, chemical pump installation use after a period of time the need for maintenance, and what are the maintenance steps? When things are going well, it's easy to ignore the chemical water pump routine maintenance, and reasonably think it's not worth spending time periodic inspection and replacement parts. But the reality is that most of the factories are equipped with many sets of chemical pump to perform a variety of indispensable function successfully run a factory. If a pump failure occurs, it may lead to stop running the whole plant. Like the wheel gear, pump used in the manufacturing process, and water treatment, it can make efficient operation of factory. In order to ensure the normal operation of the pump, should perform and comply with the regular maintenance plan. A, safe before maintenance and/or system check, ensure the machine is normally closed. Proper segregation of electric and hydraulic system are very important. 1 mechanical checks. Check whether the installation point is security; 2. Check the mechanical seal and packing; 3. Check for leaks the water pump flange; 4. Check the connection; 5. Check and clean the filter. Second, determine the maintenance frequency refer to the original manufacturer's guidelines, arranging maintenance time. Need to shut down production line or pump? Select a system shutdown time, use common sense develop a plan of maintenance time and frequency. Three, observation is the key to understand the system, and in the pump is not good at run time to choose a point to observe it. Record the leakage, unusual noise, vibration and unusual smell. Four, electric, electrical inspection 1. Check whether all the terminal close; 2. Check whether the motor air vents and winding is dust/dirt accumulation, and carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines clean; 3. Arc starting, check whether there is electric equipment, overheating, and so on and so forth; 4. Using megohmmeter check on winding insulation failure. Five, the replacement of damaged seals and hoses hose, seal or o-ring if appear, wear or damage should be replaced immediately. Using temporary rubber assembly work closely to ensure lubricating oil, and to prevent leakage or sliding. There are a lot of lubricant on the market, including good old soap and water, why need a specially formulated rubber lubricant? Practice has proved that most of the pump manufacturer recommended not to use oil, petroleum jelly, or other elastomer seal of lubricating oil or silicon products. Welcome friends circle focus on pump. The use of these products will lead to seal failure by elastomer expansion. Once the rubber oil is a kind of temporary lubricating oil, dry, no longer have the lubrication effect, parts remain in situ. In addition, the lubricant in the case of water will not react, also won't dry rubber parts. Six, lubrication according to manufacturer's guidelines lubrication motor and pump bearings. Remember not to over lubrication. A lot of bearing damage is caused by excessive lubrication rather than inadequate lubrication. If there is a vent cap, bearing before reinstalling cover, removed the lid and run the pump for 30 minutes, so that the excess oil bearing.
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