Chemical pump motor knowledge: YE2 between motor, motor and YX3 YE3, what's the difference

by:J&T     2020-06-20
Used in chemical water pump, the motor is to use the configuration of the equipment, the understanding of motor usually has two phase, three-phase, explosion-proof, ordinary, level 2, 2900, 4 1450 turn, and so on, this is more common on the market, and common motors, motor is actually much more than this several specifications, such as energy efficiency level, protection grade, material, and we must study hard and make deeper knowledge introduced here YE2 motor, motor and YX3 YE3, use is the same, is there a difference between? YE3 motor belongs to super efficient ( High efficiency and energy saving motor) A new design of the motor, using new technology and new material, by reducing the wastage of the electromagnetic energy, heat energy and mechanical energy, improve the output efficiency of the motor of the motor. YE2 efficient motor ( Namely YX3 common efficient motor) 。 YX3 efficient motor is the first domestic cold-rolled silicon steel as efficient motor of magnetic materials. Is on the basis of Y3 motor design and development, Y3 motor is the first domestic cold-rolled silicon steel as permeability material design of ordinary motor, is the national & other Generation of hot to cold & throughout; Of the product. YX3 motor design in 2003, in September 2005 through mechanical association of identification of the organization. In line with the GB/T18613 - mainly Energy efficiency standards - the 2002 version 2 level - - - - - - The energy conservation value. Also conform to the requirements of the European EFF1 indicators. GB/T18613 - later 2006 version of the energy-saving evaluation value, also can achieve. Its detection methods in the stray loss of motor, using the input power of 0. 5% to calculate, design is also calculated on the basis of electromagnetic data. Domestic motor manufacturer in 2 levels of energy efficiency for the record, 2008 years ago, and the energy-saving product certification, in addition to the joint venture brands, YX3 motor is adopted. So as an efficient motor, YX3 motor widely known in China. The revised GB/T18613 - later 2012 edition, the IE2 indicators as the basic allowable value of energy efficiency in the 3rd level indicators of energy efficiency, IE3 indicators as energy-saving evaluation value namely 2 levels of energy efficiency index. That means YX3 series motor with a little tweaking, can reach a new level 3 energy efficiency indicators, and YE2 is according to the design of efficient IE2 motor. On each index in the new standard, although YX3 is slightly better than YE2 motor, but detection method is different, than YE2 motor in many specifications, performance is similar, belong to a new high level 3 energy efficiency. These two series motor, in the new standard, belongs to the normal and efficient motor. Due to domestic currently Y, Y2, Y3 series motor is largely eliminated, so the YE3 ultra high efficiency and energy saving motor save energy and reduce long-term operation cost, very suitable for textile, fan, water pump, compressor, depend on power saving a year recoverable motor acquisition cost; Direct start, or with frequency converter speed control, can fully replace asynchronous motor; Rare earth permanent magnet high efficiency and energy saving motor itself than ordinary managing electric energy more than 15 ℅; The motor power factor is close to 1, to improve the quality factor of the grid, do not need to add power factor compensator; Small motor current, saving electric power transmission and distribution capacity, extend the life of the overall system operation.
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