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by:J&T     2020-04-18
Small flow chemical water pump is to limit the ordinary centrifugal pump under the condition of small flow and high head of application and development. It has simple structure, convenient maintenance, stable performance, wide application, etc. Run under the same conditions, the efficiency is higher than common centrifugal water pump. Suitable for conveying clean liquid or liquid particles, low or high temperature liquid, neutral or corrosive liquid. Transport medium: ( 1) Sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphate inorganic salt under different temperature and concentration as well as a variety of organic acids. 2) Different temperature and the concentration of alkaline solution, such as sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate. 3) All kinds of salt solution ( 4) All kinds of liquid petroleum products, organic compounds and other corrosive materials. Using parameters: export suction diameter of 40 mm diameter is 25 mm (traffic Q) : 0. 4 ~ 6. 3 m3 / h lift ( H) : 15 ~ 100 meters design pressure ( P) : up to 2. 5 mpa working temperature ( (T) :- 40 ~ + 200 C now our corrosion resistant materials can meet the requirements of the medium. A: summary of fluorine plastic chemical water pump next article: corrosion resistance to high temperature chemical pump
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